Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School's Now In Session

Today is Day 7 of this school year.  We've been hitting the books - HARD, but still taking time to enjoy our family!  Today we worked on a special project and wrote our memory cards.  This year we are asking the boys to choose the verses for our family memory work.  (Yes, mom and dad participate also!)  Mason chose our first passage.  Because of some of our recent challenges, these verses seemed quite fitting for our family.

The Beebe family is striving to memorize Romans 5:3-5.  Mealtime will be a perfect time to work on it, because we have each hand-written the verse and strategically placed it where we eat our meals.  (And do our school work, craft activities, play games, and have family conversation.)

2010 marks the year in which the Lord has enlarged our hearts to include the rest of the world.  Therefore our dinner table is covered with a world map.  Countries and Capitals have become frequent dinner conversation.  We've prayed for children and missionaries all around the world.  Did you know the city nearest 0 degrees longitude and 0 degrees latitude is Accra, Ghana West Africa?  Yes, the center of the earth is where our little Overcomer is waiting!  Lord, continue to enlarge our hearts for your wide world!

You know school is in session when Franklin has a semi-built volcano sitting in the middle of the living room!  His creativity amazes me!  No help on this one!

Friends, I've surrendered our home decor.  In our small living space, I've decided there are more important things than having colors that match perfectly.  This is why a neon yellow poster sits on our dining room wall.  For the past week, our family has been listing who God is... and who We are... in HIM.  It's the Beebe's own Graffiti Wall.  (Thanks for the idea, Jacquie!) 

Honestly, this  little activity has caused me to live my days truly amazed that our incredible, infinite, awesome God loves me.  Yes, He does!  As I've watched Braden draw stick men, and heard what God is speaking to the hearts of our sons, I rejoice in the gift of these arrows.  Yes, as Reid says, our God is a relentless God and we are captivated by Him.
Come on over and you'll see a family living and learning.  Things are somewhat out of place, books are scattered, but we are starting the year focused on our Lord.  Stretching our minds to more of who He loves - every person He has created in this world.  I pray we will stay focused on Him, and dive deep into the depths of His heart this year. 

May the Lord continue to teach me as I strive to instruct our children.

God is exalted in his power.  Who is a teacher like him?   Job 36:22
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