Saturday, August 28, 2010

Overcomer Update

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers for Overcomer.  We received word via e-mail on Friday that he is now out of the hospital and back at the foster home.   He is still extremely weak and did need a blood transfusion while at the hospital.  Overcomer is battling malaria and severe anemia.  Please continue to pray for his recovery.  We are anxious to have him home where we can care for him.  I know people in Ghana are working hard to care for them but I also know they are caring for many children.  I praise God for those who have stood in the gap for us on his behalf.  

With the thought of traveling soon, we desperately need to raise the funds for travel.  Even $10 would help.  We still have lots of t-shirts if you haven't bought one.  If you have any ideas we would be extremely grateful!   If you would be willing to collect your loose change in a jar, skip a meal out, sell lemonade in your front yard, or any small thing to help this child come will forever change his life and ours!  We are praying for God to provide.  Will you please pray alongside us as well?  I've added a few requests our prayer needs on the side of this blog.

One of the most precious things from the past few days is hearing about the homeless men and women downtown praying for Overcomer, S, H, and all of the orphans in Ghana!  They were making special gift bags for the O'Learys to deliver to the orphans in Ghana, and prayed over the bags.  The Holy Spirit moved and we were told they were all crying and thanking God for how much He has blessed them!  Today I saw County (a homeless friend downtown) and he told me that he was still praying.  It moved my heart to know these precious friends are remembering our son across the ocean. 

Special phone calls have come from friends in other states and several have called to pray with us.  Thank you for being the body of Christ to our family!  The fact that you took time to call means so much to us!  Thank you!  You can tell our hearts are full of love for this small child even though we have never met. 

Adoption Update:  We were fingerprinted last Friday, August 20th, in Nashville.   Our I-171H arrived in the mail yesterday so we are now moving toward having our dossier sent to Ghana to get things rolling in country.  Please pray for this process to move in God's perfect timing, and for God to provide for Overcomer's every need until we are able to reach him. 

Over the past few days, we've had a few minor things break here at home...our refrigerator isn't cooling, our front door-knob handle came off in Franklin's hand, our closet light has some wiring issues that need repair so it doesn't turn on most of the time, our bedroom light has issues but it will not turn off, (going to bed has become quite comical), and my van battery has died twice in the last ten days - thankfully someone has always been near to jump it off.  (Thanks Janet and Scott!)  These are some of the reasons I have not posted recently.   These small inconveniences have taken a back-burner to getting papers and other things ready to send to Ghana with the O'Learys. 

Finally, please pray for the O'Learys who are traveling to the country soon and will meet their children for the first time!  Yippee!  They are also planning to see (and hold) our little one.  I know they will love him.  Our hearts are traveling with them as they go!

Our prayer today for Overcomer -
The LORD will guide you always;
       he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land
       and will strengthen your frame.
       You will be like a well-watered garden,
       like a spring whose waters never fail. 
Isaiah 58:11

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The McBs said...

great to hear... love you guys and I love how God is moving hearts of "the least of these" in the US to pray and love on "the least of these" in Ghana. God's love is amazing...