Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blast Them Varmits

We've been robbed!  Numerous times!  Since the beginning of summer, there has been an ongoing burglar at our house.  It's been breaking in to our outdoor trash cans.  This little menace has strewn our garbage all over the backyard too many times to count.  I've been thankful that we have boys because each time our culprit visits, they receive clean-up duty.

Well, enough is enough. 

Mason and Franklin decided their BB guns would frighten him enough to not return.  So, on Sunday night as Franklin walked downstairs toward his bedroom, he heard the animal scuffling outside with our garbage cans.  It was after 11:00, so he knew this nocturnal visitor had come calling.

Franklin ran upstairs and then he and Mason went to get their BB guns.  They walked around the house and shot at the raccoon making such trouble.  He fled.  Obviously fearing his life!  (If I were a raccoon, I'd avoid two kids with BB guns too!)

Mason and Franklin sauntered up onto the deck giving high fives for winning the challenge.  They were leaning on the railing when Reid joined them on the back deck with a flashlight.  As Reid shown the flashlight into the dark night, it cast the illumination on six beady eyes!  There were three more raccoons on the deck! About five feet from Mason and Franklin!  They both started shooting, and Reid was batting the gray and black creatures with a mop handle.  (This was the only weapon to be found out there.  So glad we Pine Sol-ed the kitchen floor that day!)

Thankfully, the raccoon threesome was skittish.  One took the 20 foot leap down to the backyard while the others scurried down the steps.  Mason and Franklin continued using their trusted Red Rider BB guns to "blast them varmits!"  Well, Yee-Haw!

My men - all three of them - galloped down the hall to share their version of the breathtaking battle with these rascals.  (As I listened, I was very thankful it was not me on the deck.  Otherwise the entire neighborhood would have woken up to my shrill scream!   AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!  It is comforting to know I'm so well protected!  Red Rider BB guns and a mop handle...)

The following day, we asked our neighbor if we could borrow his live trap.  Our friend has set it numerous times, but all he found each morning of his cats...or one of the neighborhood cats.  No raccoons to speak of.

Monday night Reid set the trap near our garbage cans using hot dogs for bait.  Tuesday morning, one of the raccoons was caught.  I insisted Reid let him go.  I think Reid may have had other plans.  (A friend at Reid's office said if his wife had said that then she could have let it out of the cage!  I'm so glad I'm married to Reid!)  He did let the raccoon go.

Braden actually wanted to keep the raccoon for a pet until it growled at him.  He was a mean little booger!
Tuesday night Reid set the trap near our garbage cans using hot dogs for bait. Wednesday morning, one of the raccoons was caught. I insisted Reid let him go. I think Reid may have had other plans.  But, he did let the raccoon go.

Wednesday night Reid set the trap near our garbage cans using hot dogs for bait. Thursday morning, one of the raccoons was caught. I insisted Reid let him go. I think Reid may have had other plans. A pistol perhaps?  Seriously!  But, he did let the raccoon go.

As I sit writing this post, guess what Reid is doing?  Yep.  Setting the trap with hot dogs!  We will see if all four of them like hot dogs!

Aren't we a little like these raccoons?  We see the destruction of sin - bad choices - wrongful habits.  But, sometimes we think these things won't have the same effect on us...  "No, we won't fall in to the trap if we are tempted.  We'll enjoy the hot dog (sin) without being trapped."

The Bible says, "All we like sheep have gone astray."  Tonight, I say, "All we like raccoons have walked into the trap of sin."  But I'm thankful for our God who sets us FREE after we have confessed it. Like my dear husband did for these raccoons.  No pistol, just freedom!  God is so good!

I've realized this severe depression of mine has been rooted in my own sin.  My doubt and distrust of the Lord's goodness have been sinful.  I walked into the trap after temptation taunted me.  I took my eyes off Jesus and instead, focused on my circumstances.  Forgive me, Lord!  Thank you for setting me free with your complete forgiveness!  I love you, Jesus!

Whew!  I've gotta head to bed.  My beady eyes are tired! 

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Holly said...

Hello. You left a comment on my Beading/Fundraising site..I just wanted to let you know that yes, the auction WAS successful. Brought in total about $600! I am preparing the second half of the auction now :) I have not asked for any donations, though some people do. My best advice is to pray and ask the Lord what to do...He may breathe on something totally different for you!
Blessings on your journey!
Holly from Purpose Driven Family and Purpose Driven Beading