Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's time to PLAY BALL!

It's baseball time in Tennessee!

Mason and Franklin have started their Spring season of baseball on the Orioles team. They are able to play on the same team together and are having lots of fun! AND, they have the best-looking coach in the league - Reid! Ha! Their team is doing quite well. The boys have played three games and are now becoming comfortable with their abilities. This means they are stealing bases - ALOT!

Mason is playing Catcher most often and is moving faster and faster to cover the ball. His throwing is improving in accuracy from home to Third, First, and the Pitcher's Mound. He has become confident in this position and plays it well. When he is not in the catcher's gear, he is typically playing Third Base.
Franklin has mainly played First Base and Pitcher. Although he is the youngest player in the league, (we moved him up to be able to play with Mason) he can hold his own on the mound.

He is playing as an 8 year old in the 9 - 10 year old league.

At the last game, he "struck out" five batters in two innings. Okay, I know I sound like a proud parent. Truthfully though, my proudest moment was when Mason was Catcher and Franklin was pitching. It was thrilling to see them playing together! It was special to see them take their skills from "Catch in the Backyard with Dad" onto the field for a real game.

So, I know you are wondering...What do Braden and Weston do while their brothers are playing a game. Well...when they are not on the playground...Weston is usually holding the camera and snapping shots like this one. He takes some great shots! And, Braden is wanting something to eat...Imagine that?? One thing I have noticed about Mason and Franklin. Both of them put on their baseball belt without any prodding from me. In fact, the day I came home with it, they both had it on within 5 minutes. Why don't they do that when I ask them to wear a belt to church?? Hmmm....

There must be something about dressing out in their uniforms. The day of their last game they put on their uniforms - socks, belts, cleats and all - as soon as they arrived home from school. They were dressed for the game by 3:00 even though it didn't start until 6:15. Oh, the joy of boys!

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Reid said...

The league ages are really 9 and 10 year olds, but Franklin is still playing great with the older boys!