Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Funny Sayings

Weston was measuring with his new measuring tape yesterday. He announced that his measuring tape was "130 cellimeters long!"

Braden is learning the names of all the animals. His two latest favorites are the "hippomonomous and the rhinonerous."

Braden always explores the top of the vanity while I am getting ready for the day. This morning, he picked up Reid's contact case and said, "Mommy, are these Daddy's eyetacs?"

Braden was looking at the map in the front of Reid's Bible. Without the knowledge that I was there he was pointing at the land masses and calling them, "Tennessee" while all of the blue portions were called, "The Holston River." I was laughing at his labels and, yet, amazed at the same time the he understands the "land" and "water" portions of a map. Pretty impressive for a three year old.

My sister, Wendy, shared that her family was listening to the song, "There's No God like Jehovah." When she turned around, her four year old, Camden, was singing, "There's No God like Pneumonia!" Mason though this was rather humorous, and was sharing the story with us at dinner. However, he said the original song was "There's No God like Jenovah." Jenovah?? I love it! As I was heading out the door last night, Braden was running around the house singing, "There's No God Like Ammonia!" Hilarious!

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