Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Braden's First Bike Ride

This afternoon was an exciting one at our house!

Braden had broken the training wheels on his bike, and I had purchased new ones to replace the old. Last night, I asked Reid to put the training wheels on Braden's bike and Reid taught him to ride his bike instead! It was glorious to see Braden's willingness to try and succeed.

He entrusted himself to Reid in the beginning. Reid would carefully guide the bike helping Braden maintain his balance as Reid pushed the back of the seat. Reid ran beside Braden for several loops around the yard.

Then Braden was ready to try it on his own with just a small push from Dad. Braden's tongue was hanging out the whole time as he concentrated on his "glee" in his new found freedom while his brothers cheered him on in the background!

Braden took a few falls, but was always willing to get back up and try again!

We celebrated Braden's accomplishment at dinner. He got to eat on the RED PLATE! It's our family tradition to celebrate significant days in our lives with the "You're Special Today" plate! Braden loved the attention!As soon as the last bite was swallowed, Braden immediately wanted to get back on his bike! We decided to take a family bike ride...down to the nearest culdesac and back to the house...a really long way! Ha!

Braden dressed in his biking attire for this ride - he put on his helmet! Braden still needed some guidance from Reid as he climbed back on his bike, but then he just took off!
Our youngest son is growing up!As I looked back through these pictures, I saw the experience of God's love for us. He is like the Dad guiding us and pushing us along...patiently waiting until we are able to ride. Trusting in Our Daddy gives us the confidence to pedal even though we know we might fall. And, when we take a spill or crash, God helps us climb back up and ride. He provides the wind on our back, and, like Braden's helmet, god provides His protection to keep us from life's true harm. Finally, as I experience joy in watching Braden "grow up" to do something only "big boys" could do; I believe God smiles down on us when we grow and mature in our trust and faith in Him.
I had to close this BLOG with some photos of Weston in his new Bike helmet. He received it as a birthday gift and painted it himself! Absolutely adorable!

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Very sweet...way to go Braden! Amy