Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Blast from the Past - ASP Reunion

In the summer of 1988, I worked in Harlan County Kentucky for a mission project called Appalachian Service Project or ASP for short. I worked with three other staff members to manage our center hosting volunteer teams from around the country. The teams came to our center to spread the love of Christ and to help make homes in the Appalachian region "warmer, safer, and drier."

One of the Staff Members I worked with with was Kevin.

Although we only seen each other two times since our summer together, our families shared a meal together a few weeks ago! It was AMAZING! How special to reminisce and remember our fun times together while our children played together in the backyard!

Kevin's sister, Kathleen, hosted all of us in her home. (She is also a previous ASP Staffer.) It was really a special night, and one that shows that true friendships never die.

Kevin e-mailed me when he arrived back home and I have since touched base with another Staff member from our summer together, Graham. Very cool to talk to
people from my past - my nearly 20 years ago past! Wow!

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