Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wherever the Wind Blows

Today I have been around people drifting in the wind. Drifting off course by the winds of the world. Drifting farther and farther away from their high callings in life.

I was at a local church's consignment sale, and paying my total to two mothers about my age. I was purchasing some books. When one of the women commented on what great buys I had found, I casually said the books were going to be used for Homeschooling next year.

"Oh, I could never do that. And, I would never want to. I get enough of my children as it is."

(Now, my son, Mason is standing beside me as she says this. What do you think he was thinking?)

The other lady quips out, "I would never be with my kids all day long. It's so tiring. I'm glad to send them off everyday."

To which the other responded, "Yeah, I don't know why anyone would choose to spend all day teaching their children."

Grappling for words that would convey what was in my heart, I said with loving conviction, "Because it's so rewarding."

I wanted to admonish these two supposed Christian women. Their words revealed their hearts. How sad. Our children are a blessing, not a burden. If anything in my life is worthwhile work, it is the time and energy I invest into their lives.

Another Christian friend I spoke with today is comtemplating decisions about which full-time job to take for the next school year. She had been a stay-at-home mother who began working part-time a few years ago. This past school year she started full-time work and comes home constantly stressed out and anxious. This year, she has had numerous issues with her oldest son - some very concerning.

At the same time she is talking about which job to choose she is also sharing how desperate (yes, desperate is the appropriate word) one of her boys is for more time with her. He has some medical issues that, up until recently, were undiagnosed. Because he was not an easy child, my friend had bought into the thinking that sending him to live somewhere else was the answer to the problem. (Where in Scripture does it say that our children will be easy? Or anything else for that matter? God is BIG ENOUGH to walk you through it!)

She kept saying, "I just want to do what is best for my son...He needs his me...He comes first...But we need my income for a new roof (Doesn't God promise to supply your every need? Has there ever been a time in your life when He hasn't?) mom will say that she was able to work full-time, and that just makes me feel so bad (Is your mother the example you attain to or is it Christ?) husband says he'll support whatever decision I make (Excuse me, mister, could you lead a little? Or, is it easier just to be passive? Since you two are married, isn't this a decision that both of you have interest in?)...this is a job that I really want to take to see if I will like it (yes, that is a quote - 'to see if I will like it' - when there is a child struggling daily with his place and purpose in this world)...the people at this job need me (I'm sorry, what are your priorities again? Because you just said your son needs you??!!) "

I do believe in her heart she wants to do what is best for her son, but the voices of the world are the dominating factor in any decision. She is not grounded in her identity in Christ and the high calling that He has ordained in her life. It never entered the conversation that she wanted to do what "God wanted her to do." To be in the center of His Will for her life.

Don't get me wrong. I am not at all opposed to her working. It just seemed to me that her expectations were on the son to "adjust" to whatever decision was made instead of truly seeking God for what would be best for him. I didn't hear any willingness to sacrifice. Thoughts blowing around instead of seeking God for assurance and direction.

The winds of the world blowing in my ear, too. Can I stand strong? Or will I too be swept away into a worldly way of thinking? I pray not.

Everyday, God reveals the need to help our children know their purpose and direction in this world. If their feet are not planted firmly on the rock and their moral compass not aligned with God's direction the any wind from any one at any time could take them off course.

Lord, for our children, I pray that their sails will be set and your guiding wind will continue to propel them toward their True North.

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