Friday, March 30, 2007

The Odor Of Boys

I wrote this today after walking into the bedroom that two of my boys share! UGH!

As I walk in their bedroom
And breathe through my nose,
I wish the air could be filled
With the scent of a rose.

But, as I take in the air,
My nose hairs are singed -
Because with the "odor of boys"
This air has been tinged.

The odor is pungent -
I feel a little faint...
It makes me feel worse
Than whiffing some paint!

Oh head...
It's spinning about -
This smell is worse
Than spoiled sauerkraut!

"Breathe through your mouth,"
I command my thoughts.
"Find where it's coming from,
Before anything rots!"

Yes, my boys have an odor
It's certainly TRUE!
Today I found the culprit,
It's their STINKY SHOES!!

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