Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Funny Sayings

Yesterday we enjoyed some laughter as our boys continue to master the English language and figure out the correct words to say in different siutations.

Weston was hit with a stomach virus on Saturday night. "Yuck" was coming out both ends - Gross!! Anyway, Braden seemed to have a touch of it on Sunday. He came out of the bathroom and said, "Mom, I went poo-poo pee-pee and regular pee-pee."

We also laughed as Braden talked about the "red movie" at the dinner table. He kept saying "The Increbidles."

Finally, Mason and Franklin were having fun with each other and Mason was pinching Franklin in the chest. (I suppose it is a "guy thing.") Franklin was running around saying, "Mom, tell Mason to stop pinching my pupil!" We had an anatomy lesson to learn the difference between pupil and nipple!

Oh, the joy of boys!!

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TedTracie said...

I love what Braden said about the poo-poo pee-pee thing... that is precious!!! What a hoot! Kids keep us laughing... what a gift that laughter is!