Tuesday, March 27, 2007

3 Year Old Memories

Three-year-old Braden keeps us smiling as he communicates in typical three-year-old fashion!

Here are some quotes from this past week:

As we talk about colors, Braden's favorite, by far, is "Lellow."

On night at dinner, Braden informed us that the "moon comes out when there is a 'wotta' dark."

Cantaloupe is always a favorite at our house. It makes me smile when Braden asks for "more antelope."

The Bradford Pear Trees are abundant in our yard. As Spring begins they are COVERED with white blossoms. However, after a couple of weeks, the blossoms begin to fall. When the wind blows, the blossoms can fall and fall...and fall. Our driveway was literally covered with white blossoms yesterday. Braden looked outside while the wind was blowing and said excitedly, "Look, Mom! It's snowing!"

Braden is learnind different animal sounds. His newest is, "Cock-a-doo-doo-doo!"

Last night, the boys had ice cream for dessert. There were only two choices...Vanilla or Moose Tracks. Braden very sweetly asked, "May I have some 'Moose Trash' please?"

In talking about some of his three year old quotes, I had to include a picture of a "three-year-old play day!"

While Braden was supposed to be helping his brothers wash the car, I looked out the kitchen window to find him playing in a MUD PUDDLE - COVERED in MUD! This moment had to be captured on film!!

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