Monday, March 8, 2010

Tonight's the Night!

Reid's been hammering away at the keyboard since he came home. Could it be, could it possibly be??? If he finishes his autobiography then we can finally mail our homestudy application. Whoo--Hoo--Hoo!

In Reid's defense, he has NOT been dragging his feet. He's been working long hours and Saturdays. We will trust God's timing to be PERFECT!

We were at Water Angels yesterday, and Reid preached the entire sermon standing in a basket! (It was an illustration Amy shared about how we are to offer ALL of ourselves to God! There is no better offering we can give!) The service was very moving, many tears were shed -myself included! I'm so thankful that God does not see us as failures when we fail. Instead, He offers his abundant grace and mercy.

The boys played beautifully - for the glory of God. Weston had typed all of the slides and Braden was the technician in charge of changing the lyric slides for the songs. I noticed several times that God was not capitalized in the songs ("god") and numerous times, Braden had the wrong slide was on the screen. I stopped my critical spirit from focusing on all of my children's mistakes. Amazed that a nine year old would sit at a computer and create lyric slides for most of Friday afternoon, and our six year old, who is just beginning to read this year, would even attempt to take on the responsibility of working the computer. I sat in awe of their willingness to give of themselves. Perplexed that all four of the boys would spend hours practicing when most of their friends are playing outside - without a parent asking them to do so. Touched that Mason would spend time in prayer seeking God for the songs to sing that will move these precious people toward God. My heart attitude could learn much from their tender hearts!

When Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, for to such belongs the kingdom of God," Jesus obviously knew that the children would be leading the hearts of unwilling adults. (Yes, I'm talking to myself!)

Do I have a heart that offers ALL, willingly, sacrificially, with joy? Sadly, over this past weekend I've realized that my typical response is begrudging obedience. How offensive! I'm repulsed by my own heart condition that desires to serve, but, quite frankly, wants to serve when it is convenient. Forgive me, Lord. You know my sinful state. Help my heart to reflect you in ALL circumstances, at all times, in all degrees of stamina, in every relationship, in moments of physical pain, and in times of ease. You are my ALL in ALL.

Finally, we've been blessed recently by a few friends offering to help with the adoption costs. Their gifts have been an amazing blessing because these gifts have come from friends that I know are sacrificing in order to give. They are doing without in order to help bring our child home. These friends are also teaching me as I see their willingness to give sacrificially with JOY! I've been moved by their willingness to give in faith. Thank you!

Don't forget the Yard Sale is a few weeks away! Bring your stuff by on March 25th!


10:05 pm - (I must record this!) The boys just finished an amazing JAM session playing a song that Mason wrote today. The song has a strong drive conveying TRUTH! I think he titled it, "Hold On To Him." Wow! Not only am I amazed that these are my children, I'm was also convicted by the words Mason wrote in the song!

When I asked Mason what he was thinking of when he wrote the song, he said, 1.) Himself and his own failures. 2.) He's reading through the book of Job, so he was also thinking about Job. 3.) About the people at Water Angels!

I am sooooo thankful for Stephanie's ministry. God is doing so much in all of us through Water Angels. What a gift that our family is there worshipping and ministering together! I'm dumbfounded at the understanding my 13 year old son has about our sovereign God. Yes, Lord, Let your little children lead me... Let them lead me...

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Kristie O'Leary said...

AWESOME!!! I knew he could do it and I'm just thankful he had time! Poor guy! Love you all!