Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day Two Helpers - THANK YOU!

On Saturday, I'm in bed at 6:50 am. Suddenly, I'm awakened by people talking outside my bedroom window. Get up! Get up! The Yard Sale has started and people are already here! Imagine my surprise to find Heather and Paige here at 6:50 am ready to help! WOW! They are modeling their Yard Sale finds in the photo below. Ya-ya! Love the sequins!
This is what most men do at a Yard Sale...visit in the front yard. I LOVE IT! We are so blessed to have so many friends sharing this journey with us!
Kristie, Sydney, Heather, and Reid at 7:00 Sat. morning. Freezing! This picture HAD to be include to show that, YES, Reid did help!

Wendy x 2! Thank you so much for all of your help!

My sis, Wendy and me! God has shown HIS love through our sisterhood. My sis, Kelly, couldn't be with us during the sale, but she has also already helped tremendously on this journey! Thank you!
Janet and Kylie, back for Day Two! Always willing to give a helping hand! How are you liking those shoes?
Kristie, Kristy, and Tracie! FBCK friends ROCK! What an encouragement to have friends!
Waymaker friends came to encourage, support and shop! Sharon, Janis and Amanda, you were a sweet surprise today! Thank you so much for coming!
Concession Stand Crew - Day Two! They even delivered coffee refills to neighbors in the neighborhood! People on our street probably think we are C-R-A-Z-Y, but our family does add some excitement to Saturday mornings!
A line forming for the grilled burgers!
Grillin' Guys - Weston, Caleb, and Keenan entice the shoppers with the delicious smell of burgers and dogs on the grill! Yum!

Yard Sale Fashions for the younger generation - high heels, high heels, high heels!
Tyler, Paige, and Colby enjoying the day!

The fever to help is catching and this day was no exception. My friend Janis (pictured above) decided to offer her Beashund (Beagle/Dachshund mix) for adoption. Any funds from it would go for the adoption. Hannah was on her knees "begging" her Daddy to let her take it home. "Please, Daddy! P--l--e--a--s--e!"

If you know John, he pretends to be tough, but...Hannah convinced him!
Yes, they left the Yard Sale with the dog...for a trial run.
Sadly, the dog adoption didn't work out with their other dog, but I had to record it! Very sweet!

Reid and I both felt the greatest blessing from this was the friends who stepped out to help us. Our lives are richer because of our time with all of you. Your smiles, words, laughter, and JOY brought so much encouragement. We are grateful to all of you! Thank you! It's an honor to share this journey with you, and comforting to know you are praying for us.
I'm trying "piece" together the "puzzle" of how God is going to do this by keeping a list of everyone who has helped us bring our child HOME! If you've helped us and your name is not on the list on the right side of this blog, please let me know. You are a blessing! We are grateful for each of you!

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