Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A M-A-S-O-N Jar

This e-mail came to me today. It is from the mother of a child in one of my Thursday Connection classes. What a blessing from a 7th grader! Wow! I'm amazed! I love how God places His Heart within the hearts of the young!

"We read your blog the other day. We're praying for your adoption journey. Grace went and got all the charity money she had saved up from her allowance and is wanting to give it to you. She found a jar and it said "Mason" on it...mason jar. She put the money in it and said that would be the Beebe's jar since it had Mason's name on it. She was trying to figure ways to raise money. I cried reading the blog. What a precious commission God has given you! We are praying as to what we too can give. Blessings, Yvonne"

Yvonne and Grace, what an encouragement you are to us! Thank you!

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Kerry ABOUT ME said...


What a wonderful post! I am constantly humbled and inspired by the faith and charity of children. We'll keep praying things proceed well with the adoption. Lots of love,