Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yard Sale Blues and Blessings

We held the Yard Sale for the Guatemala Mission trip last Saturday. The sales were nothing to brag about $366 - split evenly with my sister - $183 each! This was the first Yard Sale for a cause that has not topped $700. It was a little disappointing, but I now have $183 toward the trip and supplies for the school that I didn't have on Sat. morning!

Between Friday and Saturday here were a few of the blues and blessings...

1.) Blue - Friday, during the time I needed to be setting up for the sale, I was taking Braden to our pediatrician for a second opinion. (Unsettling visit to the ER - wanted a 2nd opinion!)

2.) Blessing - Came home from the doctor to find my sister Kelly and my sweet friend Jess hard at work setting up!

3.) Blessing - Jess brought me a SURPRISE birthday gift! She knows homemade gifts are always best in my book, so she brought me a hand-decorated fan! It was covered with "wind" quotes! Too funny! My favorite, "You are the WIND beneath my wings!" Jess even found Bible verses about the WIND! Hilarious! (The fan is a joke between Jess and I b/c we've had to borrow their fan numerous times over the past year...once when I left a pot of beans on the stove the entire day! I came home to a house full of smoke - Ugh! Jess came to the rescue with her fan!) I love my fan, Jess! You're so thoughtful! Thank you for all of your help!

4.) Blessing - I needed a ride to go pick up the van. The side doors were being worked on since they would no longer open. (Try that for a week with four boys!?! Yikes!) Jess offered to take me to pick it up! She dropped us off, and we went in to pay.

5.) Blue - The total cost of getting the van fixed $1,054.67! Umm...yes, that was the total!

6.) Blue - We left the dealership and got into the van to head home. After we were about 1 mile away, I noticed, not one, but TWO engine lights were on! (You've got to be kidding me!) I turned around and headed back...fume was coming out from other places besides the exhaust pipe! After 45 minutes, we were able to head back home to finish setting up for the Yard Sale.

7.) Blessing - Because Kelly and Jess had worked so hard in the afternoon while I was gone with Braden and getting the van, there wasn't a whole lot left to get out. However, quite a bit still needed to be priced. That's when Peppermint Patti came to the rescue! Patti came over and helped finish pricing and organizing everything! That was a HUGE blessing! Thank you!

8.) Blessing - I'm married to one of the greatest men in the world! He helped with all that needed to be done. He also did the job I hate most of all, hanging signs! Thank you honey!

9.) Blessing - My honey also got up early - as usual - and greeted our first customer around 6:15 am! Thank you!

10.) Blessing - I had a surprise customer at the Yard Sale on Sat! One of my dearest friends from my high school days!! Kelly Langford Messerly stopped by to SURPRISE ME!! Whahoo!! I felt so special!! It was so neat to turn around and see her standing in my driveway! She was in town and knew about the Sale from this BLOG! (Good thing I posted it!) Seriously, it was a huge blessing to see her and she gave a nice (REALLY NICE) donation to the donation jar!! Thank you, Kelly, it means more than you know! However, I wish I'd taken a picture of you to put on this BLOG entry!
11.) Blessing - Total tally from the Yard Sale AND the donation jar $319! Praise God! People were so generous I was amazed. Two women I don't even know donated items for this sale. One lady shopping dropped in $10.00. Friends from my past stopped by and extended their well-wishes for the trip and astounded me with their generosity! The kids even stuck in their dollars and change from their concession stand. It was very, very sweet!
12.) Blessing - Reid and I were totally exhausted from our day. We were moving very, very, very slowly trying to pack up all that was left from the Sale. David and Cindy P. arrived just in time to load everything into the garage before it began to rain! Thank you! Also, our neighbors surprised us with 6 subs from Subway for dinner! What a HUGE blessing!

Several other things happened that would have the "blue" label (like another ER visit for Braden), but I'd rather end this on a HAPPY NOTE! (BTW, Braden is doing great!)
So, on a happy note, I went to an education supply store yesterday and spent all of the money from the Yard Sale purchasing supplies for the teachers at Escuela Integrada. They will be thrilled with all of the teaching tools and manipulatives we will be taking! I wish I had taken a picture, b/c it was really incredible!

Thank you to everyone who helped with this little endeavor. (My nephew asked me how many Yard Sales I had done...too funny!) It could not have been done without you!! Thank you for helping others in another country!
Side note: the financial support I need for the trip is still coming in - thank you! I know God will provide what is needed! Thank you all for your generosity!

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