Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Swim Meet

Before I begin this blog I must share a question that I have been pondering for over a month. Here is the question...
Will I ever again be able to type a blog entry and post pictures on the actual day an event takes place?
All of my blogs currently begin with..."A few weeks ago," "Several days ago," "A while ago," "In yesteryear..." Okay, not that bad, but you get the idea!

That being said, let me begin this long overdue blog...

Several weeks ago, the boys competed in their first swim meet. Here are a few highlights of their first swimming competition...

Weston awaits his first event. He's excited and nervous...

Weston takes a beautiful dive into the water...yes, that is a dive right now for Weston!
Weston finishes strong and happy!
Franklin waits for his next event.Franklin dives in to swim the anchor leg of the Free Relay! Go, Franklin, Go! Another nice start for the boy who "didn't want to swim!"
Franklin stroking freestyle to the wall.
Mason patiently waits to approach the blocks.
Swimmers take your mark, BEEP!
Mason smiling through the backstroke!
Mason gulps some air during breaststroke. Gulp, gulp!
Unfortunately, Braden couldn't compete due to his broken thumb. He still had a wonderful time signing "I love you" to his picture-taking Mom! :-)
It was a GREAT first meet. To be honest, I had forgotten how long the meets last. We arrived at home after at 10:30 pm. It was a late - but fun - night!


The Knight Family said...

Oh how exciting! you got some GREAT pictures! We will have to come to one of their meets! Tell Weston to try to talk Andrew in doing the swim team next year.
he might do it if "Weston" asks him to - but not for Mom. :(

Jana Griffin said...

So this is REALLY late, but the boys have all grown so much! They are such good looking boys.