Monday, June 23, 2008

Mamaw's 90th Birthday Luncheon

My Mamaw recently celebrated her 90th birthday. Our family got together for a luncheon in her honor before the BIG party with all of her friends. (Blog entry later - I hope!) The celebration today could stand alone because it was so special!
Connie, Heather, and Allyson did a beautiful job decorating the tables with picture representing Mamaw's life.
Connie even had a special "Family Tree" cake made that had everyone's picture on it! Amazing!

We opened our time together with - what else, but - a family prayer. The circle filled the room!After our wonderful lunch, all of the great-grandchildren performed something special in honor of Mamaw. Heather's children sang Allison Kraus' "Going to the River to Pray." Henley and Danford did a beautiful rendition of "Happy Birthday." Yes, there was a little "arm-twisting" for that one! Ha-ha!Our boys would not agree to singing, so they performed an amazing Magic Show! Braden ended up with the quarter in his splint! Oh, my! Colby Grace, Caleb, and Camden read a beautiufl poem that Colby Grace had written for Mamaw. It was an acolaid about her lemonade! Finally, the Tate boys ended the show with some help from their cousins...There's a Bear! Where? Over There! Where? Over There! After the humor of the children, there were a few tearful tributes to Mamaw. Nearly everyone spoke - even my New York city cousin (that's for you, Hunter!) We all shared stories about warm memories with her. My favorite was when Wendy talked about wearing my Mamaw's shoes to church b/c she forgot to pack hers! Too funny! When I spoke, I read a blog entry I had written about her in April. And, yes, I cried! Imagine that?
After all of us had our say, Mamaw got to say a few words! (I think she liked that!) Her wish for all of us was that we would have the kind of family she has been blessed with. God is so good!

Mamaw has been a wonderful mother and grandmother to all of us. We are so grateful for her life! It was a joy to come together and celebrate her life! God has blessed her with a long and full life!


A Team said...

You are extremely blessed :-)

love you... Hope Aidan is better tomorrow... he had a ROUGH day today. Poor guy... high fever.

Love u
LOVE THE SHIRT... you are BEAUTIFUL.. Miss Tennessee... what was your talent at the pageant... SWIMMING

The Knight Family said...

That is the sweetest thing! Wow! What a lovely family she has - how blessed she must feel.
WHO MADE THAT cake!!!!!! Oh my goodness - that is beautiful - I've never seen a family tree cake!
Those pictures will be priceless one day!