Thursday, June 5, 2008

Braden's Visit to the ER

Before you read this BLOG entry, be forewarned that it's late for me. I'm exhausted from this eventful day so I have no idea if you will be able to follow my writing. If you're up to the on!

There are two friends that have been on my mind since about 11:30 am this morning. One is Scott. The other is Janet.

You see, Scott recently opened the door to his truck while his small son held the hinge. Ouch! The result was a mangled finger requiring surgery! Praise God, he is doing fine now.

A few months ago, my friend Janet arrived in a state of panic because her son had gotten a stick stuck through the calf of his leg! I spent a Sunday afternoon with her at the Emergency Room, and then shared dinner with her family after the exhausting day. Her son also endured surgery several days later, and he is doing great now!

So, why have these friends been on my mind? Perhaps I should tell you about my day. (I don't mean to make light of this because I really do desire prayer. Additionally, I have had a few "breaking-down" episodes this afternoon as I have processed all that happened today!)

This morning we went to swim practice. When the younger group was finishing up, I was talking with some friends. The coaches were taking down the flags and wrapping up the swim lane ropes.

That's when I heard Mason scream, "MOM, BRADEN'S HURT! BRADEN'S HURT!"

I glanced up and saw a woman I had just met waving her arms and yelling for me to come! My heart skipped several beats and I ran over to find Braden crying hysterically!

I didn't even know why he was crying, I just squatted down to his level and tried to comfort him..."Shhh...It's going to be okay....Mommy's here...Dear Lord, please help us....Please help us...shhh...God's with us...Mommy's here....Braden, it's going to be okay...Shhh...Oh, God, help us...Shhh...Shhh...Shhh...."

Braden is screeching painful yelps letting me know he is in severe pain.

Behind me, I hear people yelling, "His finger's stuck! Just yank it out!" "What should we do?" "Just pull really hard!" "NO!! NO!! WAIT!! We need a tool, and I think we can open this up!" "Braden, I'm sorry! It's going to be okay. We will get it out!" "Keep his arm still - don't pull on him!"

SCREAM - SCREECH - YELP - YELL - SCREAM!! My head was swimming! "Shhh...Braden...Mommy's here! It's going to be okay! Please, Lord Jesus, get his finger out! Please, God, help us!"
After what seemed like forever, but was probably more like 10 - 15 minutes, Ted was able to get Braden's thumb out of the swimming lane rope reel. (This part is not very clear to me, but this is what I think happened.)

The lane rope reel had a hand crank, and somehow Braden got his thumb stuck in the small hole beside the crank. Once it pushed through forward, it couldn't be reversed. Additionally, a screw in the hole went through his thumb at the side of his joint. Ouch! Serious, painful ouch! He was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Ted Ancelet, who just happened to be at the pool b/c Tracie had an appointment, went to call Reid. (Please let me insert here that Ted Ancelet is one of the great HEROS for today! Thankfully, he took control of the situation before Braden's finger was "yanked out." I know it was God-ordained that he be at the pool today! Thank you TED! You were amazing!)

Meanwhile, several people are looking at Braden's finger and saying, "You need to have someone look at this! There is tissue damage!" Those of you who know me, know how I am with blood, so I barely even looked at his finger before it was wrapped up in ice. It looked bad to me, but I can't really give lots of details. Sorry! (Amy, I do wish you were here to help me!)

I left the older three boys with Ted at the pool. Tracie was returning later, and I knew she could handle having 8 children for one day! Right, friend? Seriously, thank you too!

The swim coach, Sarah, whom I barely knew, drove me to the Emergency Room at Children's Hospital.

Long story...short...

After several hours in the Emergency Room we were told...

Braden's cut was deep, actually open on the side, but the doctor opted not to stitch it. There doesn't appear to be any tendon damage. However, Braden does have a fractured thumb. It is fractured at his joint so we will be seeing an orthopedic doctor on Monday. Please, please pray he will not need surgery, and there will not be any permanent damage. Until then, he is in an arm splint. On Monday, there is a possibility it will be casted. We'll see.

The news was a relief. It could have been so much worse. God answered my cries for help, and safely delivered my precious son!

I am so thankful! God provided in so many ways today...

1.) Braden was sooooo very brave! I was so proud of him! He was unbelievably courageous!

2.) God arranged for Ted to be at the pool! Praise God! Otherwise, we might have a "yanked out finger!" He really took command of the situation and executed wise, meticulous decisions regarding what should be done. Thank you, Ted! (Folks, if a finger is stuck - DO NOT consider just yanking it out! Oh, my! Whew!)

3.) Franklin took care of all of our stuff and made sure it was delivered to Sarah before left for the hospital. Thankfully, this provided me with my cell phone and insurance card!

4.) Mason was willing to come with me to the hospital and comfort Braden - until Sarah offered to drive me! He is always so willing to help!

5.) Ted and Tracie took all care of the three boys, fed them lunch, and gave me the assurance that they were okay with us gone! Thank you friends!

6.) Sarah, one of the swim coaches, generously offered to drive us and then stayed with us at the hospital! She offered words of comfort and encouragement to Braden. What a blessing! I really enjoyed getting to know her better. It turns out, one of her close friends dates my cousin and she and I have some of the same friends! Funny!

7.) Sweet Avery gave Braden a teddy bear when we stopped to pick up the boys! It was precious and Braden has carried it all day long! It's adorable to see the hearts of children!

8.) I'd planned on "getting a lot done today." My list of "things to do" was a mile long. However, we didn't return home until after 4:30 this afternoon. Upon arriving home, Mason offered to mow the lawn while Franklin and Weston cooked supper! Am I blessed or what? Sometimes these boys amaze me! They are so generous and willing to help!

9.) I'm thankful something so small as getting to eat on the Red Plate made Braden feel better. Although while we were at the grocery store picking up his prescription, he did say, "Mom, can we get those Popsicles since I broke my thumb? Mom, can we get those goggles with the yellow thing (snorkel) since I broke my thumb? Mom, can we have pancakes and sausage since I broke my thumb...with fruit salad?" (The pitiful thing is that Braden really asked all of those questions and I said YES to every single one!) Braden did enjoy his pancakes, sausage and fruit salad - all made by his brothers - on the Red Plate!

10.) I was able to see how much God blessed this circumstance. I am thankful to realize some of the ways He protected us, ways He provided for us, and ways he gave us joy in the midst of our circumstance! God is so good!

In closing, I have to share one funny statement. Mason said that God does have a sense of humor. "Since Braden broke his thumb, he can't suck it anymore!"


Scott Lyons said...

Laura and I will keep Braden, Reid and you in our prayers this weekend and on Monday. I know the weight of that wait. We will pray for his healing and for your peace.

The Knight Family said...

Oh my! I found myself holding my breath while I was reading this! HOW SCARY!!!!!!! I am so thankful for all the ways that God provided help and answered prayers for you all. Let me know if I can help out with the other 3 boys this weekend . I still can't believe that happened. Emma was just looking at & touching that roller thing on Wednesday - It was rolled up at the time - but I'll never look at it the same way again!
We'll keep him in our prayers! Cindy

Under the Raisner Roof... said...

Ouch! Poor Braden! Poor Robin! I do wish I could have been there to help you be brave Robin! But it sounds like God was in control and put the right people in the right place at the right time. Hope Braden feels better soon! And you! Amy

Scott Lyons said...

I am so sorry to hear about your experience! I'm convinced that one benefit(?) of raising boys is getting to know the emergency staff at the local hospital on a first-name basis. Just know that whatever happens, it will be okay. They can do amazing things, those hand surgeons. However, we'll be praying that he won't need surgery. Btw, I don't blame you for filling all of Braden's requests--what mom wouldn't? Love you guys! Laura

A Team said...

I have a new blog address...
If you put it on your blog roll, list us as the A-Team...
We are trying to be a little more ambiguous with personal information.


Guldan Gang said...

So glad Braden is ok. Whew...what I have to look forward to with all these boys.

Anonymous said...

Praise to God for having the right people in the right places! I am glad I can't visualize the injury. Prayers for a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said...

omg!!!! robin, poor braden!!!! i cried when i read poor little braden. i hope hes ok and he doesnt need surgery!! i miss all of the boys soo mcuh!! and you and reid as well..i hope other than this you are all doing ok. love you all!!!!

love karissa