Thursday, June 19, 2008

Swimmers Start

This summer the boys are trying out swim team. The older two boys were on a "feeder team" one summer in HP, but that was a long time ago. Reid and I decided that it would be great for all of them to have at least one season on a swim team.

For me, being on a swim team was always something I enjoyed. I think it helped me become confident in the water, and I doubt I would have become a PADI certified scuba diver if I had never had some serious instruction. (Yes, another surprise about me from my early 20s!) Additionally, one of Reid's greatest fears about doing a triathlon is the leg of swimming. Therefore, we decided one year would be a good investment in their much scuba diving or triathlon competing as they may do! Whohoo!

Here are a few pictures from the very first day of swim practice! (Sorry, these are from May, but I'm doing the best I can!)
Weston's got "the swimmer's look!" He does great in the water, and looks like a little barracuda swimming after some bait!

Braden's group got to blow bubbles and swim a few feet from the wall! He wasn't too sure about the water at first!

Franklin takes a dive - go, go, go! Franklin really didn't want to swim. The water was too cold! However, I think he secretly enjoyed even these early practices!
Mason took it all in, but really put forth his best! I know it was a hard practice for someone with very little previous exposure. He did great!
These were the photos from Day One of swim practice! Since that time, they have all improved tremendously! Their event times are dropping, and they are enjoying the sport. Braden even swam in his first event at the swim meet tonight! (Photos soon I hope!)
Tonight at the meet...
Braden - at age four - is swimming all the way across the pool and swam a 25 yd. freestyle in tonight's swim meet! Even after missing two weeks of practice b/c of his thumb injury! Way to go, Braden!
Weston was the Backstroke Bullet! He looks amazing swimming freestyle and backstroke! He is doing so well, and seems to love the water!
Franklin is giving his all - even though he originally didn't want to swim! Tonight, he placed first in his heat in freestyle, and pulled it out for the anchor leg of the free relay!
Mason has already shaved 6 seconds off his freestyle time - in two weeks! Tonight, he pulled his free relay up one place by passing another swimmer who was a half length ahead when Mason dove into the water. He did fantastic!
For now, I know they are not Olympic material (unlike my cousin AJ who will be competing in the Olympic Trials in less than 2 weeks!), but they are learning and they are enjoying it! For that, I am proud! Go, go, go!
I'm so proud of all four of them for trying something new, putting forth their best effort and not giving up when it was hard. Go, go, go!

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A Team said...

Yea... I bet they learned all they know from their SWIM TEAM CAPTAIN MOM... who doesn't mention that before she races her friend who quit swim lessons as a child after she was holding onto the patio furniture and her brother called the swim teacher a bad name for trying to throw her in the deep end. YES, I am talking about ME! haha... BRING YOUR EYEBROWS OVER TO OVERTON!