Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Braden's Thumb Update

The news is very good for Braden! Looks like he will be able to suck his thumb again without surgery! Whahoo! (Whahoo for the part about no-surgery...not the part about sucking his thumb! Ha-ha!)

Seriously, our visit with the orthopedist yesterday went better than to be expected!

1.) Braden will not have a cast. (Thank you for your prayers! Yeah!) Although he has an open fracture, His puncture wound is not completely healed so the Dr. decided to leave it with easy access so I could still clean it - lucky me! He'll have a nasty scar, but I figure it will make a great story when he wants to impress a girl! ("Yeah, well, look here. You see this scar? That's where a screw went through my thumb...Yeah, it hurt but I didn't really show it. I was really tough. I was only four...") Here are a couple of photos of his thumb after five days of healing! The great thing about blogging is you can record everything! Ha-ha! Seriously, his thumb looks sooooo much better!
2.) Braden - most likely - will NOT need surgery! (Thank you for your prayers! Yeah!) The doctor thought everything was healing nicely and surgery is not probable at this point. Evidently, there are two main ligaments that serve the same function. Therefore, even if one was severed, the other would compensate! Isn't God amazing?! (Yet another thing I did not learn in the Human Body class.)
3.) Braden is going, going, going! This is not slowing him down one bit! I'm more concerned about him re-injuring himself than about the original wound! Oh my! Boys WILL be boys! (Couldn't get him to smile for the picture! I had just changed the bandage on his thumb - Ouch!)Thank you so much for your prayers friends! Our God has graciously answered. I praise Him for his healing, his protection, and his provision in all that has happened over the last week! What a Great God we serve!


Scott Lyons said...

That's great news, Robin! Thanks be to God!

The day Will had surgery on his finger he was jumping off dining room chairs trying to catch balloons and running around practicing his swordplay. Boys are funny little animals.

Anonymous said...

Great news. So, I ask, cleaning Braden's wound is doable, but your hisband's pit wounds are not ha ha! Seriously, that is really good news. Now, get a facebook page!!!