Monday, April 28, 2008

Braden Knows Where We Are

This past weekend Reid and I traveled - ALONE - to Charleston to attend an engagement party for his cousin.

We called the boys on Friday night to tell them good night. When Reid was on the phone with Braden, this was the conversation...

Reid: Braden, we made it. We're finally here. Do you know where we are?

Braden: Yes.

Reid: Well, where are we?

Braden: Dad! You're at the place where you were going!

Too funny!


Under the Raisner Roof... said...

Boy, you sure do get away often! Amy

Under the Raisner Roof... said...

You are kidding! I am going to be in the book! Tell me the story! Yes Becca is beautiful! I will get the modeling photo soon! Amy