Monday, April 14, 2008

Franklin Wants A PSP

Last Sunday, a friend of the boys named Tyler, fell on a stick. Unfortunately, the stick went through the calf muscle in his leg. I spent last Sunday afternoon in the ER with his mother. The doctors removed what they could and sent him home.

However, infection started to spread and after more visits to the doctors, it was decided that he would need surgery on Thursday to remove the rest of the debris in his leg.

His mother was laughing about the fact that her son thought he should get a Portable Play Station (PSP) because of all of the trauma he had been through. She was sharing this in front of our boys and we all anticipated that they were going to stop and purchase one on the way to the hospital before Tyler's surgery. :-)

Later that night, we were sharing with Reid about Tyler. I told Reid that his Mom was getting him a PSP because he was having to endure a painful surgery. Franklin said out loud, "I want to have a surgery!" Reid and I looked at one another and burst out laughing. Too funny!

We did make a few trips up to the hospital to see Tyler. The boys LOVED it. They wore all of the hospital gloves on their heads! Then, as only boys would do, they pulled them over their noses and blew the gloves up with air. I know we were all acting silly, but it really lifted Tyler's spirits, and cheered everyone up! :-)

Tyler is doing GREAT now, and he is still doesn't have a PSP.

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