Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My 6 Word Memoir

Scott challenged (appropriate internet term - tagged) me to write a memoir...using only six words.

Scott, as usual, was witty with his. I suppose I could be humorous, silly, or thought-provoking. However, after giving this some thought for a few days I thought I'd keep it simple. I decided to share my hope for how my life is lived...

Here it is...Robin Beebe's six word memoir:

My lifelong goal...Be a BLESSING!

Now, I'd like to "tag" a few other fellow friends a bloggers out there. I challenge Amy, Kelsey, Becca, Becki, Tracie, Meghan, Martha, Jana, my 11 year old - Mason, and my precious hubby - Reid. I won't "link" all of these, but this is pretty much my entire Blogroll. :-) You can read all of these by clicking on the links on the left side of my blog.

If any of my other friends start a blog - I'll "tag" you too! A-hem.... Patti, Collins, Margaret, Bev, Wendy, Kelly and Jess - this would make a great first entry!!


kelseyad said...

Done. Tough, but done.

demp5 said...

I accept the challenge, but need to think a bit on it. Thank you for all your encouraging comments. They mean SO much to me. I am headed back to PGN tomorrow in the morning for another meeting. Please pray for my time there. Pray for God's mercy!!

Becki party of 5 said...

I'm working on it.....after I checked out your friend Scott's, I decided I could lighten up a little and not worry so much! :) I'll keep you posted..