Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pizza Pizzazz

The boys took a class today called Pizza Pizazz. A precious lady named Janis taught it. She is one amazing bread-maker...(or would she be called a bread-baker? Hmmm...)
Seriously, she makes incredible rolls, breads, etc... and sells them to help support her family of 8. She grinds her own wheat, and uses as many natural products as possible! Everything she bakes tastes wonderful! She is one incredibly gifted God-loving Woman!

Today she taught the boys to make:

1.) Regular Pizza

2.) Cherry Pizazz Pizza

3.) Chocolate Chocolate Melt-In-Your-Mouth Pizza

4.) Pizza Pockets

5.) Cheesy Cheesy Bread

Now that I am salivating as I type, I must tell you that the boys came lie...ready to cook dinner completely on their own! They were so excited! However, since everyone came home with so many goodies from class we added a salad and enjoyed their creations from class for dinner. It was a delicious meal!

Thanks, Janis, for a great class! The boys loved it! I'm excited to see them become even more independent in the kitchen. Homemade pizzas for Mom and Dad on the way! Yum-yum!

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Becki party of 5 said...

ok, now I"m hungry!!! :)