Monday, April 7, 2008

What's My World System?

Lately, I've been reflecting on my personal world system. Is my primary influence the world's way or God's way? Do my actions stem from thoughts of the world of thoughts of God's Glory?

On Sunday, Ted Ancelet shared an inspiring, yet challenging, quote from John Piper. I thought I would post it to give you something to ponder along with me. Is my mindset that of an exile?

John Piper’s comment on this present "world system"...

"We must cultivate the mindset of exiles. What this does mainly is sober us up and wake us up so that we don't drift with the world and take for granted that the way the world thinks and acts is the best way. We don't assume that what is on TV is helpful to the soul; we don't assume that the priorities of advertisers is helpful to the soul; we don't assume that the strategies and values of business and industry are helpful to the soul. We don't assume that any of this glorifies God. We stop and we think and we consult the Wisdom of our own country, heaven, and we don't assume that the conventional wisdom of this age is God's wisdom. We get our bearings from God in his word. When you see yourself as an alien and an exile with your citizenship in heaven, and God as your only Sovereign, you stop drifting with the current of the day. You ponder what is good for the soul and what honors God in everything: food, cars, videos, bathing suits, birth control, driving speeds, bed times, financial savings, education for the children, unreached peoples, famine, refugee camps, sports, death, and everything else. Aliens get their cue from God and not the world."

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