Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TN Football - Orange and White Game

A few weeks ago, Reid was out-of-town for part of the weekend. On Saturday morning, I awoke wondering what I could do with the boys that would be fun and memorable. I realized that if I had been given a daughter, I probably would have opted to go shopping. However, the boys would freak out if I told them we were going shopping on our day together. I knew I had to make a plan...something the boys would enjoy...something memorable...something fun... After some deliberation, we decided to go to the Orange and White Game. This is the UT football team's spring scrimmage. I didn't realize how BIG of an event we were about to attend.

We started our day together at the VOLS practice field. All of the players were signing autograph after autograph. I had picked up two new footballs for the boys to get signed. (I was going to purchase four footballs, but Franklin said they only needed two - one for each bedroom. Thank you, son!)
It was crazy shuffling from player to player, but the boys were thrilled to have their picture taken with some of the players. Here are a couple...

The boys with #74 - Jarrod Shaw and #72 - Ramone Johnson (Tackles)
The boys with Jeff Cottam (Tight End)
After we left the practice field to head over to Neyland Stadium, we approached the Wall of Fame. Guess who is listed among the great players at UT? That's right, my Dad! The boys were all so excited to find his name! Pretty cool, huh? (See where I get my love for Tennessee football? Not only did my father play at UT, he also coached football here as well!)

After walking on, the boys posed in front of UT's Torchbearer statue. Tradition states the Torchbearer carries the light that is never extinguished. It has a lot of history with the university, and each year UT selected a few Seniors to receive the "Torchbearer Award." I was one of five recipients the year I graduated. It was quite an honor. (I was going to post a link to share with you about the award, but the site I found posed the question, "UT Torchbearers - Where are they now?" The four I read about were extremely successful - lawyer, medical researcher, mayor of Knoxville, and UT Public Relations Director. Ummm...wondering how I would answer that question. So, if you would like to read about it you'll have to do your own Google search. You are getting the answer to the question for this Torchbearer as you read this blog!)

As we made our way toward Neyland Stadium, the players "did the infamous walk" from the Practice Building over to the stadium. By far, my favorite players were the ones that reached out to give the boys a "high five!" It thrilled them! Thanks guys! Davy Crockett was paving the way for the team. Of course, I asked him to pose for a picture! (I don't think he minded!) Trying to make conversation, I asked him, "What's your name? If you'll tell us, then we can cheer for you down on the field!" (Yes, I really asked him that - I was suffering from VOLmania! And, yes, he really answered me in this way...) "Well, Maam. My name's Davy Crockett of course!"
We finally made it to the stadium. I looked down on the field and saw someone I knew. Why, it was good ole' Davy Crockett waving the Big Orange T! You go, Davy!

We settled into our bleacher seats, and my cousin AJ walks up and sits down with the boys. He was there with some of his friends, and he noticed us when we sat down. AJ graduates from high school this year, and will be headed off to college in a few months. We enjoyed our surprise meeting at the game!

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day... I enjoyed being with the boys...doing something we all enjoy! Watching TN football!

Finally, for those of you who have not experienced Tennessee Football. Here are a few things you should expect:
1.) For Rocky Top to play in your head for several days after a game!
2.) To ALWAYS wear ORANGE in support of your team!
3.) For a scrimmage, like today, you should expect about 40,000 fans to crowd into the stadium! Unbelievable!

Go Vols!

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Under the Raisner Roof... said...

What a fun time! You are such a good mom! I can't believe how many people were in the stadium! Amy