Friday, March 23, 2012

World's Largest Treehouse

Over Spring Break, Reid was in Ghana and Mason was with a friend in Virginia.  With their absence, the rest of us were looking for something fun to do.   We were also looking for something FREE!

Thankfully, my sister, Wendy, is always on top of planning fun excursions.  She invited us on a cousin day to The World's Largest Treehouse.  It's 97 feet tall supported by a live 80 foot oak tree.
This unique, but impressive structure was built by a landscape architect who says God told him to build a treehouse.  I love the fact that Horace Burgess was 57 years old when he started the project.

Our kids had a blast exploring.  Eventually a game of hide-n-seek ensued.

Yes, this photo is a lawn chair swing.  It's tied to the top of the treehouse and Godwin loved it!

God blessed me with an amazing sister.  I love her!

It wouldn't be complete without a crazy cousin picture!  Silliness!

The most impressive part of the day was this view looking down...
That's what it is all about!

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