Sunday, March 4, 2012

No Longer in the Driver's Seat

Mason is now 15.  This is now my view when riding in the van.

I'm often in the back seat.

Sometimes in the passenger seat, but I am never in the driver's seat anymore.  
Mason is now the 
"Official Chauffeur" for the family.

Recently, I've realized my new seat in the car reflects my position in life as well.  I am no longer in the driver's seat.  Actually, I have never been in the driver's seat of my life, but it has appeared that way to me.  Now I understand God has always been the one driving, but I can see Him in the pilot's seat now.  God is the one leading us to our destination.  He's steering and applying the gas!  

Thankfully, with God, I can fully trust He will not run off the road, take curves too fast, or make me panic...not that Mason has done these things, of course.  

With God, it is an easy release of control - as long as my heart is fully trusting.  When I become a backseat driver giving directions or suggestions, the road becomes a bit bumpy.  How can I know more than the Driver if I am not the one in the Driver's seat?  I can't.

I must trust.  His timing.  His stops,  His turns.  His speed.

God has provided so much of our needed support.  We are amazed by what He has done!  So many of people have given generously toward God's work.  The Lord has provided 78% of our needed monthly support through His people.  Amazing!  Our family is hoping to depart for Ghana in May, but we still need 22% of our monthly support.  Would you consider helping us?  Maybe God is steering your heart toward partnering with us monthly.  (Did you catch the play on words?  Ha!)  

Seriously, we really need your help.  Monthly support or a one time gift will spur us toward ministering on the ground in Ghana.  You may click the button on the right side of the blog for instructions on how to give.   Mostly, we need your prayers.  Please pray for God's perfect timing!  He is the one taking us to our  destination.  He's in control, and we trust Him.  

"For in you, O Lord, I hope;
You will hear, O Lord my God."
Psalm 38:15

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