Saturday, March 31, 2012


Our second son, Franklin, tends to surprise us with his tender heart.  Of all the boys, he's the one who loves the outdoors.  Fishing and baseball are his LOVE language!  He's the drummer in the band with hands that can beat out the fastest rhythms.  In school, he applies himself to do well but if a "shortcut" presents itself then Franklin will jump on it.  In groups, Franklin tends to make friends very quickly making others feel welcome.  He's competitive to the core, so if you want a true challenge then Franklin's your guy.  He loves to cook as well.  He's created some of the most unusual combinations in the kitchen and, surprisingly, they all taste great.   

However, with all these amazing qualities, there are more.  Recently, I've taken notice.  Without Reid here, I've depended more on the boys, and certain things about each of them has caused me to be thank God again for each of our sons.  This post is about Franklin, however, so I'll continue on about him.

 His tender heart has blessed me.  Little love notes in his handwriting are a sweet surprise!  The day before Reid left for Ghana, Franklin left these two notes taped to our mirror.

 After reading his notes, I walked out to the table where his schoolwork was out.  His sketchbook was open to this page revealing his most recent undertaking...a tiger.
 I picked up his sketchbook amazed at his giftedness on paper.  His imagination can conjure up dragons allowing Franklin to immortalize them with his pencil.  I'm in awe that our 13 year old can do this!  

As I saw this drawing, I looked across the table and out the window.  Franklin had drawn the beauty of the landscape in front of him.  Incredibly realistic!  The Lord has given him incredible artistic ability to steward.  

 After thumbing through many more drawings, I noticed a book to my the left.  It was an open journal with Franklin's handwriting.  Franklin's Bible conspicuously edged the book.  Looking down, I realized Franklin had been hand copying scripture...the book of Philippians.  He'd written Ephesians recently on a retreat, but Philippians, he began on his own.  
 Our prayer for our boys has been that they would be "as strong plants in their youth."  To see Franklin pursuing God on his own is a gift to my heart.  I pray he will be a man who reflects the strength and compassion of our Lord.  I pray he will use his many gifts for the Kingdom.  I pray he will know his purpose in this world.  I pray he will always be... Franklin.  The child who the Lord created, the young man who is growing into the man God desires him to be.  

I don't tell you often enough.  I'm so proud of you, Franklin.  I'm thankful you are my son.  It's an honor to be your mom.  Always.

May 16, 2012 - Franklin's completed drawing of the tiger.

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TheBowlingFamily said...

Wow...Love this! You guys are amazing parents. I'm thankful to have friends like you who challenge and inspire. Can't wait to see all the God does in your boys over the next couple of years!