Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Cry

The children lead us, don't they?

Last summer, Kristie O'Leary of Feeding the Orphans asked Mason to write a song about the plight of the orphans.  At this time, God was leading our hearts toward mission work with the orphans, but we were uncertain of the timing.  The Lord began speaking to Mason's heart as well as ours.  Mason was 14.

Late one evening, Mason came into our room after the rest of the family had gone to bed.  He sat down with Reid and me stating, "Mom and Dad, I've been praying and I know what God wants me to do with my life."

"That's wonderful Honey.  We've been praying for you too.  So, where do you believe God is leading you?"

Mason replied, "God wants me to be a missionary."

Reid and I were ecstatic.  In our minds, this seemed to be a high calling.  In our excitement, we responded, "Oh, that's great Mason.  When you finish school, you can go anywhere you want and become a missionary."

Mason's blue eyes locked in on ours.

With deep conviction in his voice, he clearly said, "No.  Not later.  Now.  Why should I wait until I am done with school?  I can minister now.  I want to go now."


Why wait?


Mason's words challenged us as parents.  A stake was driven into the ground for our family that night, and here we are now - just a few months shy of moving across the ocean to share the love of Jesus with God's beloved children in Ghana, West Africa.

As you watch the short video below, you will hear the song Mason wrote and recorded at age 14.  "The Cry" is about the cry of the orphans and Mason's (and our) heart cry back to their plea.  Listen to the words.  Maybe God will use this song to speak to you too...

(Thank you, Kristie O'Leary, for putting together the beautiful video.)

 "I will come child, 
I hear your cry, 
I can not watch
And just stand by.
Your pain and your loss 
May not go away
But they will not compare
To God's amazing grace.
I will go 
And harvest the Lost
I will go
No matter the cost.
I will go 
And see them through
Lord, I will do it
All for You...
All for You...
All for You..."
-Mason Beebe

So...what is God asking you to do now?  Not later.  Now.

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