Friday, March 30, 2012

Ghana - March 2012, Chapter 1: My New Friend

The day after my arrival in Ghana, I (Reid) was introduced to a young man name Wahab. Wahab was recently hired by the NGO, Meaningful Life International, I will be working for in Ghana and the two of us will be working closely together. Like so many Ghanaians - with a quick smile and hardy laugh - he enjoys and makes the most of a sometimes difficult life.

Wahab grew up in a Muslim family, in a Muslim village in Ghana. His parents didn't want to send him to the local school because of the Christian influence he would receive there. Wahab would not be denied learning and was a diligent student. He was eager to teach what he learned and began instructing younger children in the Koran at the age of 10.

As Wahab developed in his middle and late teens he began to study the Bible, not because he was curious but in order to "use the Bible against Christians."  He thought the Bible was something he could use, not realizing it is sharper that a two-edged sword, the Bible is living, and with the power of the Holy Spirit it will change your life. It did for Wahab. Later in life he was radically changed and now joyfully serves our Lord Jesus

Wahab also tells me he was influenced by missionaries in his late teens. World Vision and Pioneers International were partnering with short term mission teams from the US in his town. Wahab was curious about these teams and began hanging around them. In the process he got to know some American missionaries. As we talked about it, Wahab asked me, "Did you know Pastor Lewis?"

My mouth hit the floor! Pastor William Lewis lead the mission team I was on when I traveled to Ghana for the very first time (1998). On that first visit to Ghana, we spent almost two weeks ministering in the town where Wahab grew up.

Wahab, a Muslim at the time of Pastor Lewis's trips to Ghana was influenced towards Christ by the same man the Lord used to stir a passion for the people of Ghana in me. Now we will be working together. You never know all the fruit the Lord will produce from a life lived for Him and with Him!

Who could orchestrate such events but our great God! I'm encouraged to see what other surprises the Lord has for us here.

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