Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mega Yard Sale #4

Enjoy these pictures from our yard sale:

Yep, we had a TON of treasures! This was our driveway at 10:30 am!
Concession Stand - Open for Business
with lots of help from Lamar, Zach and Brady
What's the white stuff on Braden's head?  Baking soda!  Braden and Grant found a nest of yellow jackets while we were helping customers. Braden endured four stings, while Grant was a feast for some mad insects. He had thirteen bites all over his body. Thank you Lord, for Benedryl!
Braden still sold his rocks even after the stings! He made $11 dollars total. $5.50 for the adoption and $5.50 for their band! Love his heart!
Here's the scoop on our day:

Our Mega Yard Sale Adoption Fundraiser started this morning at 7 am.

Guess what? No rain today!

Guess what? Perfect weather!

Guess what? Lots of great items to sell!

But, guess what? UT played a football game to day...

which meant...Very. Little. Yard Sale. Traffic.

So, our total from today was $330. But that is $330 more than we had this morning! Praise God! His provision is perfect! Always! We finally started moving items out when I began yelling, "Fill a bag for a buck!"

However, there were so many blessings from today! Melissa Sodonis, Paige Von Hagen, and my sister Wendy generously gave their time to help today. Their presence blessed us tremendously! I could not have done it without their help! Thank you! Melissa and Wendy are both adopting from Ethiopia and Paige is praying for direction regarding adoption. Wow! It was exciting to hear everyone's different but similar journey.

At the end of the day, we were able to fill many bags with clothing and shoes to take with us to Africa. We can't wait to deliver the dresses, shirts, and fun items to the children. If you donated items for this sale, it is likely that children in Ghana will be blessed with some of your clothes. Melissa took donations to KARM and we have quite a bit to take to Water Angels. Not to mention the things we were able to set aside for others in need. What a blessing!

Colby Grace even gave of herself to organize the boys music room. Yes Colby, I'm not sure how they find anything in there either!?! Thank you!

All of the adoption stories from today kept tears brimming. What a testimony to God's grace working in the lives of His children!

I received a call on Friday from my friend Lisa in Florida. God is moving her and her husband toward adoption. They are making preparations for their step of faith and walking with friends in their town as they grow their family! God is stirring His people up, isn't He? I'm astounded by all he is doing. Please pray for Lisa and Mike as they stand before their church for prayer on Sunday.

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