Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gracious Gifts - The Top 15

Too often I miss the gifts God gives throughout my day.  Today, I'm making a list of a few of my favorite things from today.  Here's the Top 15 from October 3rd, 2010 -

1.)  Early this morning, Lamar rounded the corner ready for church.  (He spent the night with us.)  He was dressed up in a white button down shirt and a bright blue tie.  He looked so handsome!   As he hugged me, I was thankful to have another boy in our home.
2.)  My Honey challenged me with his sermon this morning.  There are moments when I realize what an honor it is to be Reid's wife.  This was one of them.
3.)  Our last song in worship had a line in it about "when the orphan finds her home."  Holding back tears was pointless, so I let them roll down my cheeks as I prayed silently for Overcomer.  My heart is with you, sweet son.  I'm praying.  My heart yearns for you.
4.)  Sitting around our table for lunch and hearing, "Thanks for lunch, Mom."  (It made me grateful I'd prepared ahead.  Pulling something out of the freezer and tossing it in the crock-pot made a happy family at noon.)
5.)  Witnessing Franklin face a fear and take a step of faith.  He made me proud with his willingness to trust! 
6.)  Stephanie Bowling handed us a huge adoption blessing from the donation of her photo shoots yesterday.  She said, "I wish I could do more," while I was blown away by all she had done!  She has experienced a death in the family and moved her home over the past few weeks and still chose to give her Saturday to help bring Godwin home!  How beautiful is the body of Christ!
7.)  Chris' opening prayer at Water Angels set my heart for Worship.  He prayed for Overcomer and all of the orphans in Africa.  He prayed to the "King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and Prince of Peace, and Champion of Champion, and Undefeated of Undefeated..."  Oh, I love to hear him pray.  Amen and Amen!
8.)  At the Water Angels service, one friend, Regina, thanked God for "waking her up for another day she has never seen."  She asked for prayer for her son in jail who does not know Jesus.  She thanked God that he was safe in jail, but asked for others to pray for him to find Christ.  What more could she ask for in concerted prayer? 
9.)  My heart leaped for joy seeing Mason, Weston, Tyler and Paige lead in worship.  They seemed to truly enjoy playing and singing.  I found myself in worship.  The boys have played so much, I no longer fret over trivial things.  They do it all - planning the set, typing the slides, loading the equipment, setting everything up, sound-check, take-down...everything!  They have matured so much through their music responsibility.  Mason smiled tremendously while singing today.  Later he told me, Chris' prayer set his heart ready to praise God!  Today I felt honored to be the "mom" of two of the kids leading worship.  How great is God! 
10.)  This afternoon I dropped Mason off for a middle school overnight retreat.  Our friend, Drais, was teasing me - doubting that Mason would choose to kiss his Mom good-bye.  I decided to let Mason take the lead...good-bye kiss or not.  Guess what?  He chose to give me a kiss!  Even in front of his friends.  Another proud Mom moment.
11.)  God blessed us with another donation for the upcoming yard sale.  Our garage is filling up.  I'm amazed how God provides.  Even a conversation on a front lawn blessed my heart today!
12.)  Another blanket commitment for the Second Annual Blanket Round-Up for our Homeless Friends.  Our church also now has over 30 blankets in hand for the event!  With the cold weather today, I'm thankful this gift is coming to those in need.
13.)  Coming home and whipping up a pot of chili, then sitting around the table with Reid and our two younger boys.  I cherish the moments of laughter from stringy cheese and silly statements.  (Not to mention the body noises that will be coming later.  Ugh!)
14.)  Building a fire in the backyard simply because Braden asked.  Warming by the fire while watching Braden and Weston spin in our tire swing continued my contentment.
15.)  Playing Wii Bowling with the boys - and winning!  YES, Mom!  If it had been an actual game of true bowling, my name would be in lights at the Strike-n-Spare!  My score?  258!  After Bowling, I even tied for first in golf!  Now Reid owes me a back-rub!  Whoo-Hoo!  Mom doesn't win very often.  Tonight is a rare event!

How great are your gifts, O God!  Thank you!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.
James 1:17
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