Friday, March 7, 2008

Standing Outside the Bathroom Door

Last night, we were trying to get the boys ready for bed. Because we were running so late, we let Weston and Braden take a shower together. Our house only has two showers, so they ended up in the shower that Reid and I use.

Now, you know I have long hair. Occasionally, I forget to clean out the drain after I shower in the morning...

I burst out laughing when I heard the conversation coming from the shower...

Braden: "Hey, Weston! Mom's hair is in here. I'll throw it on you first!"

Squeals and giggles... Screeches and laughter...

Braden: "Weston, get it off of me! Where is it?! Get it off of me!"

I'd better clean the drain next time! Eeeewwww! Gross!

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