Sunday, March 16, 2008

Celebrating Citizenship!

So, what do you do to celebrate someone special becoming an American citizen? Most people would probably have a nice handwritten sentiment to give, others would give a nice gift...the real question is...What would the Beebe Boys want to do to celebrate someone obtaining citizenship?

They would wait patiently outside, and when the unsuspecting citizen approached...all four boys (and Grandmama!) would...AMBUSH HIM WITH SILLY STRING! LOTS OF IT! ALL RED-WHITE-AND-BLUE!

He knows we are crazy! If the truth be told...Mathiang loved it! We sent him home with two cans of Silly String. I told him he could run into his apartment shooting Silly String everywhere, screaming, "I'm an American Citizen! Whahoo! And Yippee!" (Yes, those are my words - not his!) Mathing will probably tell them in Dinka -his native language. Dinka sounds like "HLKDIPuyeqjtbfhlkjaysdbfl vuy4qkthiqlen als;dkj vfaniu!!" to me. Ha-ha! (Whahoo! And Yippee! are nice descriptive words!) Anyway, the Silly String was a HIT! :-)

After the Silly String War, we headed out to Chili's to celebrate! Mathiang told us all the answers to the Questions we didn't know on the citizenship test. He bragged a little and told us he got 100% correct! Smarty-pants! Ha-ha!
Seriously, we enjoyed a nice meal together and enjoyed visiting for a few hours before getting back on the road to come home. We gave Mathiang a "Certificate of Excellence" signed by all of us - he loved it! Franklin also entertained Mathiang with some magic tricks!
What a blessing to have some time together to reflect on the day! It was a joyful occasion!

Mathiang, we love you! We will see you in June! We are always praying for you! Your pictures will arrive soon!

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kelseyad said...

I think I have read these citizenship posts about 10 times. They make me cry everytime. So incredibly awesome - I am so thrilled for him! You captured the moment so well - I felt I was there...inappropriate scream and ALL!