Sunday, March 23, 2008

Some of My Buddies at Church

For all of my friends who are not here in K-ville, I wanted to introduce you to a few of my friends at church! Here are some sweet women that I know you would all enjoy as much as I do!

First, I'd like you to meet my friend, Peppermint Patti. (That's my nickname for her - it's really just Patti.) She is so much fun! Ummm, I'd share some of our funny moments, but some things are better left unsaid. After all, many who know her perceive her to be a Godly woman! She recently celebrated her 43rd birthday - or was it 42? She has talked about starting a BLOG...and she continues to talk about it. :) (Sorry, couldn't resist) Finally, she is currently performing daily exercises to help her with her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with regards to her Calendar. I'm so proud of her! :-)

Second, I'd like to introduce you to one of the most amazing women I know. This is Betsy. She is the mother to three boys, three girls, one dog, three cats, five chickens and a duck! I'd nickname her "Farmgirl From the 1800's." I honestly think Betsy would have loved to live in a little house on the prairie! :-) She is a wonderful mother and wife, and she is a dear friend! We have fun laughing about the antics of our children, encouraging one another in marriage and motherhood, and enjoying the conversations we are able to have without interruption. :) She is beautiful inside and out!

Here is my precious friend Tracie. Here life is in transition now being a mother of FOUR! She is loving being Abel's Mom and having him home with the family! She is also pretty wild and crazy. I'd nickname her the "Do-Wop Dancer to Christian Pop Songs." (The girl dances to anything!) She is always an encourager and has walked with me through some difficult moments. Our time together lately has been less than either of us would like, but I'm looking forward to life slowing down for some "Tracie-time!" I'm thankful for you, friend!

Well, this is Tracie and I with some strange weirdo who just had to get in the picture. I bet he was a Phi Delt at UT!?! Who knows! I hope he doesn't have a serious job like being a mortgage broker or something?!?
Fianlly, here is my precious and pregnant friend, Jess. She is due at the beginning of May with their first child! I am so excited because I'll get to be a babysitter! (Pray for me as a babysitter though b/c she is expecting a girl and I have no experience in this arena!)

Jess has blessed my life with love, laughter, friendship and encouragement since God brought us together nearly two years ago! I'd nickname her the "Giggle-Girl!" Jess has the most adorable and contagious laugh! I love it!

I've been blessed to see Jess grow and desire to be all of the woman God desires her to be! What a blessing it has been to walk life together over the past two years!

Unless God works a miracle, I will not be carrying any more children. I just HAD to pose for a belly-shot! It seemed to be fitting!

God has richly blessed my life with some wonderful women within our church body. AND MANY, MANY OF THEM ARE MISSING FROM THIS SHORT BLOG!! (Although they are probably glad they are not in the above pictures!) I'm looking forward to deeper relationships with these women and others over the coming months!!

Thanks friends, for always letting me be silly and transparent! Thanks for letting me be ME!


Jana Griffin said...

AHHHHHHH!!!! Look at all those people I love. And JESS IS PREGNANT!!!!! WOOHOO. I'll have to show Ella that picture, she will be so happy.

pattis1234 said...

OK! First, I am only 42 years old! Second, I am not obsessive compulsive about my calendar (I think I have proven that to you Beebe's). And lastly, where are all the words about how godly and what a wonderful wife and mother I am? I do feed these people organic eggs you know! Don't I get any credit for that? And I don't think I am ever going to start a blog, just to to bug you even more!

Love you oodles and bunches, friend :-)


TedTracie said...

I was so glad I made the blog... I ECHO YOU.. you have been so encouraging to me. I have missed my time with you so much. I look forward to it. I know when we are together, we pick right back up where we left off. I adore you Robin "VOL ORANGE" Beebe!
You da

kelseyad said...

Ok - What I want to know is WHY your K-ville friends got beautiful photos of them on your blog while your HP friends got this: on November 14, 2007???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Banana anyone?!?!? Your turn is next, my friend! Love, K :)

Anonymous said...

I must say this makes me happy and sad! Happy God has given you so many good friends in K-ville, and sad that you aren't here with me. I miss my friend....Amy