Friday, August 24, 2012

You Know You're a Missionary When...

We thought we would share our recent dinner conversations with you.  [Reid- Reid, Robin- Robin, M- Mason (15), F-Franklin (14), W-Weston (12), B- Braden (8), G- Godwin (4)]

You know you are a missionary in Ghana when...

W - you eat off people's plates without asking.
F - you are grateful to have a fan blowing.
W - you have to run to turn on the water pump before washing all the hand.
Robin - you wash a ziploc bag as if it is a piece of fine china.
M - you have to use an adaptor or transformer whenever you plug anything in.
Reid - people laugh at you when you talk.
Robin - taxis carry slaughtered animals after they have been skinned.
B - you think it is normal to buy something off someone's head.
F - you can buy Fan Ice, Alvaro, and plantain chips.
Reid - you think an ice cube is a luxury.
W - it is normal to go without electricity.
Robin - you begin to define a "pretty drive" as one without seeing someone urinating outside your window.
Reid - you realize the horn is the most important part of the car.
F - you read three books in three days.
Robin - as a family of seven, you are grateful to be sharing one car.
B - you can easily carry 16 people in your car which is made to seat 8 people.
Robin - you decide to count how many people you see before you see another white person, and you stop after you reach 600.  It's only morning, but you do not see another person who looks like you for the entire day.
W - lizards are allowed in the house because they kill mosquitoes.
M - you sweep up dead lizards when you clean the house.
Reid - having macaroni and cheese is cause for celebration.
G - one of your favorite books is the one with your Grandmama's voice recorded reading it.
Robin - you find yourself calling a plastic bag a "rubber."
F - you call a trashcan a dustbin and trash - rubbish.
Robin - your closet is not full, but you feel you have too many clothes.
Robin - you use your phone as a keyboard to type long emails because the Internet is not accessible.  You send emails to parents of adoptive kids telling them you are "counting" with their kids, but you forget the "o" in "counting."  You don't even proofread the email and send it anyway - then find yourself very embarrassed afterwards.  Geez.
W - you shower and can see the dirt come off.
Robin - you go to sleep by the lullaby of bullfrogs and awake to the prayer calls on the loudspeaker.
Reid - you are not a criminal but live in a house with barred windows.
W - you have 11 deadbolts on your front door.
M - 65 degrees feels very cold.
M - you listen to people speak different languages around you and begin to pick out a few words.
Reid - you attend a church service and understand less than 1/2 of what is said or sung.
Robin - you find yourself worshipping even when you don't understand the words to the songs.
Robin - you share the main highway with herds of cattle, chickens, goats, and dogs.
W - you hang your clothes on the line to dry.
Reid - your first housewarming gift is a "crushing pot," and your second housewarming gift is a bunch of bananas.
M - you buy toilet paper out the car window.
F - you have to keep gum in the freezer because of the humidity.
Robin - you begin to call flip-flops, "slippers."
Reid - the most common name you are called is "Obrunie."  (white man)
Robin - you go to sleep at night thankful for things you have never considered before and faces of people you have met who are in need fill your dreams after you go to sleep.

Teach me to do your will,
for you are my God.
Let your good Spirit lead me    
on level ground!
Psalm 143:10

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