Friday, August 24, 2012

The Reward of His Suffering

Reid left a few hours ago headed to an outlying village near the Togo border.  He and the MLI Staff are leading an outreach tonight in this unreached village.  Two volunteers from California are with them as well.  Tonight, the Jesus Film will be shown in the native tongue to the people in this village.  Please pray for many to receive the hope of Jesus tonight.

These pictures are from last week.  A movie screen is set up beside mud huts.  Speakers share the story of Jesus with the people nearby.

Many will walk for miles to attend.  Some will ride bicycles.  Some will have never seen a movie.  Many have never heard of Jesus.  Most have no understanding of Him.  May God reveal Himself this evening because His servants are GOing to tell them about His love.

Tonight is the third outreach this month.  Last Friday night, over 100 people responded to the gospel!  We now have 100 people who will celebrate eternal life with us in heaven!  The pastor ministering to this village has discipleship plans in place for these new Christians.  People who have never heard the TRUTH are hearing it for the first their own language...and their hearts are responding!  God is moving.

 Take time to watch this short video, and be reminded of God's call to tell others the Truth.  Be challenged by the vast number who do not know of Jesus.  Be reminded of our responsibility to pray for them.  Be moved to support missions around the world.  Be moved to GO.

Thank you for the prayers you lift up for the lost in the world.  Thank you for your prayers for our ministry here.  Thank you for your support of missions!

May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering.  

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