Friday, August 31, 2012

The Secret Link to God's Glory

This morning I was convicted in my quiet time with the Lord.  Gently, He revealed a habit I’d fallen into.  

Today I began my quiet time in 2 Chronicles.  (I’m reading through the Bible again, so this was where my daily reading was assigned.)  Yesterday, I was amazed to be reminded that although the instructions for the temple were given to David, they were relinquished from David to his son, Solomon. The building of the temple was ultimately led by David’s son.  Not David.  (1Chronicles 22:8-11 and 1 Chronicles 28:1 - 29:19).  

As I read about this, I realized that right now I am seeing the fruit of ministry in our boys’ lives more than in my own.  (My perception only.)  Today I realized that the most impactful work here may not come through Reid or myself, but it may come through our boys. God has given our boys opportunities to do things that I could never do.  Our boys are His vessels for tremendous ministry here.  Through reading this passage, I was thankful to see God has commissioned them for His purposes here.  Could a mother be more thankful?  I don’t think so.

Today I began reading in 2 Chronicles because I’d finished 1 Chronicles yesterday.  After I’d read for a while, I realized that I had not prayed before starting my reading.  Then I realized to my dismay that I had not taken time to intentionally pray for some prayer requests that have come to me over the past few days.  Although I had taken time to offer up some “flare prayers” on their behalf, I had not spent time before my Father really seeking Him on their behalf.  I had only been praying from the surface without any depth.  Then God gently helped me realize that my prayer time had diminished while my study time had increased since our arrival in Ghana.  

Hmmm...not an equitable equation...

I stopped my reading and bowed my head before my Father.  My heart began to pour out in words as I prayed aloud in the solitude of our home.  I lifted up request after request after acknowledging His goodness.  I prayed for family, friends, sick babies, hungry children, healing of infections, those living lives without the knowledge of Jesus, missionaries facing discouragement, waiting children for adoption and the parents waiting for them to come home, the staff of orphanages who care for the children before the adoptions, people needing encouragement, unity within relationships, our boys, FTO volunteers arriving in country soon, provision for needs of others, my homeless friends in Knoxville, support to come for those moving into full time ministry, continual movement toward deeper relationships here, church growth in a dark community needing Christ, healing within marriages of friends, the clear leading of people to know from God if He desires for them to come serve here in Ghana, provision for a medical center here, provision for a church here, children to be walking in the Truth, protection for our family, for us not to grow weary in doing good, for a granddaughter who can't attend church right now, for peers of my boys to grow in Christ, for relationships to be restored..., etc..., etc...

My prayer ended with, “Lord, forgive me for not coming to you as often or as fervently as I should for these things.  My greatest desire is for you.  I need you.  I am desperate for you.  Oh, please fill up the dry places in my heart.  Lord, I only want to reflect your presence in my life.  Lord, please let your glory shine in my life, and let it shine brightly.  Amen.”

I ended my prayer with a few tears as I said those final words.  I opened my eyes and glanced down to my Bible on my lap.  My eyes fell to the next verse from where I had left off reading.  (Notice the words in bold because these are the ones that leaped off the page to me!)

“Now when Solomon had finished praying, fire came down form heaven and consumed the burnt offering and the sacrifices, and the glory of the Lord filled the house.”
2 Chronicles 7:1

WOW!  “When Solomon finished praying... the glory of the Lord filled the house.”  These were almost exactly the words I had prayed for my life!!  I felt like God was saying to me that His Glory falls on me as I pray, or as others pray.  His Glory will always come after prayer.  Prayers beckon His glory.  WOW!

God takes prayer seriously.  He desires to hear our hearts and then speak right back.  Prayer should not be rushed.  Prayer should be intimate.   Then the glory of the Lord will fill us!  It’s a beautiful thing.

I’d like to thank everyone praying for us.  We know you are covering us, because we feel it.  When we find it difficult to pray for ourselves, we know others are interceding for us.  (Honestly lately, Reid and I have both found it difficult to be praying for our own needs.  We are sooooo grateful for those of you who pray for us!  You have no idea!)  One couple is praying for one member of our family each of the seven days of the week.  Reid, Robin, Mason, Franklin, Weston, Braden and Godwin = seven days of prayer.  Knowing prayers are being lifted is such an encouragement!  Thank you!  

All of the prayer warriors out there are doing the greatest work for missions.  “The prayers of a righteous man avails much.”  Prayer wages victory in the spiritual war raging over us.  Thank you.

Please know we are praying for you too.  It’s an honor to be lifting you up to the Father as well.  After this morning, growing my prayer life is a priority.  If you have specific needs that I can be praying for you, you may email them to me, and I promise to pray for you.  Really pray.  Really intercede.  

A friend of mine here, Autumn Buzzell, has a “Prayer Wall” in her room.  Names of family, children at CORM, friends, etc... are written on index cards with prayer needs surrounding each name.  Autumn has these taped to her wall as a reminder to constantly be in prayer.  (I think I’ll borrow this idea for our family!)

We have been studying the book of Hebrews in our Bible Study.  This week I was struck by the “job” Jesus holds now.  I knew it, but the reality of the magnitude of His work has hit me powerfully.

“Therefore he is able to save those who draw near to God through Him, 
since He always lives to make intercession for them.”
Hebrews 7:25

Jesus lives to make intercession for us.  That is now His full time job.  Wow!  I am amazed.  After the power time of prayer I encountered this morning, I am forever grateful that He lives to make intercession for me...for all of us.  

Jesus, thank you for interceding for me.  Thank you for never ceasing to do so.  Thank you for speaking on my behalf to the Father.  May I learn from you.  May I intercede seriously.  May I pray with my whole being.  Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers. May Your glory fill my life and the life of my family.   


Autumn said...

This post was beautiful Robin. Thank you for your heart that continues to challenge and spur me on.
I love you my friend!

Annie said...

Yes, thank you for the reminder, the challenge, the encouragement to step back and reassess my prayer life that often starts to get pushed back, even by doing the things of God! Time to get back on it and keep it at the top of the list!