Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Normal - Trusting His Promises

Written by Reid on our flight from the US to Ghana:

Leaving the United States on a flight to Ghana is not unusual. This is my sixth such flight. I know what to expect in the airports and on the plane. I know how my body will react to the hours in the same seat and how much I will probably sleep (or not). When I wake up from a short nap with a headache I know that deep breathing and short walk clear it right up.

But this flight is very different. At the moment we are between homes - we currently have no home - a house yes, but a home, no. We have left everything we know and life as we have known it provided lots of comfort - it was normal. Now there is no sense of normalcy.

I looked up "normal" and found:  usual, typical, or expected. The flight may be typical and the journey through the airport and immigration will be normal, but that's the end of what I know about this trip. We don't know what to expect. We have no reference point for "normal" life in Ghana for our family. Having no point of reference for "normal" can make life feel very chaotic. Maybe that's the new normal.

Without clear expectations and known realities of living life in Ghana, we are left to wholly trust in the promises of our Lord who told us to pursue his rule and reign on the earth (Matt 6:33). His promise to those that do so is to provide the "normal." He has promised to take care of our every need, in fact He has already done it! All of His promises find their fulfillment in Jesus who completed everything at the cross and through his resurrection (2 Cor 1:20; John 19:30).

So the Lord is using chaos us to teach us that He really is all that we need - His promises are payment enough, and He faithfully displayed His goodness in so many ways the day we departed!

"Your promise is well tried,
and your servant loves it" (Psa 119:40)