Saturday, June 16, 2012

Broken Dishes, Broken Water Pump and Lizards

We’ve spent our first few days here unpacking suitcases in our home.  Aside from a few broken dishes, we have found everything to be as we packed it.  Nearly everything is now “in it’s place” in our home.  Our house seems very empty – definitely void of anything unnecessary.  There is no clutter.  Closets are more empty than full.  It seems very different than our home in America.  Ahhhh.  Simplicity.

Our home has a broken water pump which must be repaired before we move in.  Otherwise, we have no running water.  A plumber came yesterday and gave Reid an estimate of 626 cedis = approx.  $430 American dollars.  When he told me, all I could think was – “That’s not in the budget!”  (When Reid and I created our monthly budget, we did not include extra for emergencies.  Should have, but didn’t.  We drew up a bare bones budget, and, honestly, a broken water pump was not in our foresight.)

Yesterday, after Reid told me, my heart sank, but I knew somehow God would work it out.  A little while later, I was checking my email and received this message from my sister, Kelly:
Well, you are off on your great adventure! You are now on your way to Washington, or maybe you are already there. I had to share, Zach came home and spent a long time upstairs. I wasn't sure what he was doing, but he finally come down. I asked him if he was ok. He said yes. I asked him what he had been doing. He said counting his Ghana fund money and rolling his coins. I asked how much he had, he said $165. That is his own money, not our family fund. I think he will make it raising his money to come!!
I also had to tell you about a text I received while we were at the airport. John texted to let me know that I had won a drawing at Conference. It was for $500 to be donated to the charity of our choice. John let me know he immediately told them it would go to you all. Isn't it amazing that God was still doing your fundraising while you were at the airport saying "good-bye" for this trip! God is so good and I hope you have many entries to go in your "Beebe Ghana God Sightings" during these first few days. Be sure to write them down so you have something to go back to remember why you are there!
I will cherish the memories of your airport goodbyes. Especially the men of Water Angels praying over you and singing praises to our King in the middle of the airport lobby.
I love you,
Can you believe it?  God even knew we would have a broken water pump upon our arrival and already provided for it!!  Oh, we praise Him!  Thank you Lord for your provision!!  I am amazed by how He is meeting us!!

The boys have caught a few lizards in their bedrooms.  It’s been a game to take them outside.  We want them near the house because they do eat mosquitoes which are our biggest enemy here. 

Adjustments abound for our family.  It’s hot and humid here which zaps our energy quickly.  All of us have become lethargic in the afternoon battling jet-lag and the heat.   We do not have a vehicle yet, so we are dependent on others for our travel.  Therefore, today will be our first day going out.  We hope to find a few needed things for our home and make a short visit to GMI orphanage.  We are also hoping to purchase a “cooker” (stove/oven) for our house.  The opening for it is very small so another adjustment will be learning to cook for our family of 7 on a tiny stovetop.    As you have figured out, the Internet here is extremely slow.  Right now, we can not upload photos at all.  Accessing the Gmail website takes 10-15 minutes, then after reading a few emails, I am usually kicked off only to go through the difficulty of signing on again.  Sigh.  Truly, I am not complaining.  I’ve simply been forced to recognize how I have taken all of these things for granted in the past.  So, friends, enjoy the ease of computer communication and give thanks for it.  It is not that easy everywhere in the world.

We have met a few neighbors – Margaret, Sylvia, and Joanna.  There are a few children around and we have met two of them.  Hopefully, we will meet some men at some point. 

Tomorrow is Father’s Day.  It will be the first one in a long time that I have not spent with my Dad.   Give thanks for your Dad.  Give thanks to your Dad.  There are so many children who are without fathers.  Please pray for all the orphans in the world today too.   Though they are without an earthly father, pray they will know their Heavenly Father.     

And Fathers, take your role seriously.  You are given the honor and privilege of leading your home.  You’re the spiritual leader of your home.  Lead well.  Little eyes are watching.  More importantly, little eyes are learning.
“Train up your child in the way he should go, so that when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
Proverbs 22:6

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