Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rice and Beans Challenge for Ghana, Africa

So, one night we are having Life Group and Kristie O'Leary challenges us to think about replacing our typical meal with one consisting of only rice and beans.  The money we would have used normally could be donated to help feed the orphans.

Are you kidding?  Our Life Group is IN!  We accept the challenge!

Last Sunday night, we gathered for our first Rice and Beans meal.  Believe it or not, we fed 14 people for $6.00!  Only $.42 per serving!  All of the money we would have spent will be given to Sydney to feed the orphans in Ghana, Africa!  The O'Learys and the Von Hagens were absent and sorely missed, but we plan for all of our Life Group meals to consist of beans and rice - more than most people will eat on any given day in Africa. 
Even the kids LOVED it - Braden had five helpings!  I suppose his serving cost closer to $.60.  It was a HUGE hit, and such a simple way to give what we otherwise could not.  So, are YOU up for the challenge?
We even ended our meal with two birthday cakes.  Yes, RICE CAKES!  One for Janet, and one for Emmie!  Happy Birthday - Challenge Style!
Finally, it was time for a Kids vs. Adult game of street basketball.  Where's Blake when you need him?  Balls bounced from dusk 'til dark.  Ummm...who won that game anyway?
While everyone played, the girls watched.  Janet, Heather, and I cheered for our hubbies and kids.  Paige represented us well on the court.  Way to go, Paige!   And, yes, Heather is trying on a baby sling because...drum roll, please...she and Jeff are beginning the process of adopting from Ghana as well!  Little Emmie will now have a sibling!  Yeah!  Their adoption will mean three families out of the five families in this Life Group are bringing home orphans from the country of Ghana.  O'Learys, Bales, and Beebes.  Isn't that incredible?  Truth be told, there is now another family in our church beginning the process from Ghana as well!  Four families with adopted children from Ghana in our little, tiny church!  God is working!  Big time! 

The Von Hagens, who were not with us this evening, but are part of our Life Group, are hosting an orphan from the Ukraine this summer as well.  Many adoptive families, many circumstances, many countries, one Life Group!  Yes, we are living life together!
BTW, Heather is pointing to the fever blister that no one can see in the picture!  (Sorry to put it on the blog, but it's the only one I have of you in the baby carrier!  Oh my!)

In the photo below, can you tell our hearts are tied to Africa?  Everyone has the African continent on their shirt.  Our Africa adoption fundraiser t-shirts, Feeding the Orphans t-shirts, and the one Weston is wearing (in the middle) supports Pioneers Africa - Ghana.  Our Life Group - praying for the continent of Africa.  For the love of Christ to be made known - one child at a time!
Will YOU accept the Rice and Beans challenge?  Think about it.

"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'"   - Matthew 25:40

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