Saturday, July 28, 2007

Some Understanding of Cat Lovers

Okay, now I get it! I have some understanding of Cat Lovers. Some.

On Monday night, these two kittens showed up in our yard. The boys were beside themselves! They played and played with them. Monday night, they went to several houses to see if anyone would claim these two - okay, I'll admit it - these two cute animals. Although no one claimed them, one sweet neighbor gave the boys some cat food and another generous neighbor sent them home with a cat toy! Wasn't that thoughtful?!?
Well, Reid calls me from work on Tuesday around lunchtime to say, "Robin, do NOT let the boys think that these kittens have found a home."
To which I reply, "Well, honey...the boys have already named them. One is Brownie and the other is Angel. And, the boys have taken every box we had in the garage to make them a house on our front porch. The boys went outside as soon as they woke up this morning and one of them has been holding a kitten since 7:00 am!"
"Oh, great" comes from Reid with a defeated sigh.
(For those of you who know my history with animals, "Sissy" for instance - then you know that I am certainly not excited about having a pet.)
After I hang up the phone with Reid, in walks Mason. He looks at me and says, "Mom, you know what? Finding these kittens reminds of the Little House on the Prairie episode. You remember? Laura finds a stray dog, and her Dad lets her keep it!"
So much for Little House on the Prairie!
"Mmmmm....Hmmmm....Well, we are not keeping them." I reply as firmly as possible. In my mind I am remembering my morning devotion that actually said "I shall only pass this way but once, therefore, any kindness I can show to fellow man or animal, I shall do it." (I have never read this Quaker Saying with the word animal, but it was there - in black and white! Geez!) Not a coincidence!
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I am seeking to find a home for these animals. A few people express interest in taking one kitten, but there was a tug on my heart to keep them together. I even heard about a "No Kill Shelter" where I could take them to be adopted.
By Friday they had spent every night on our front porch in their homemade box-home. The boys played with the kittens before breakfast every morning and neglected their own chores to do so. Weston even rocked Brownie to sleep in our front porch rocker!
So, by Friday, I know that - I am going to be vulnerable and honest here - brace yourself - I know that if we could not find a home for them then we would end up keeping them ourselves. (Yes, you read it correctly.) Oh, it gets even better - even Reid agreed!
However, on Friday I receive a phone call.
(This is where the HERO enters the story.)
My neighbor Rhonda calls and says that HER FAMILY WILL KEEP BOTH KITTENS! Praise God! So,
1.) Both kittens will stay together. (I'm so relieved!)
2.) The kittens will be next door so the boys can play with them. (I'm so thankful!)
3.) The kittens will keep the names the boys chose for them. (So special for them!)
4.) We have no financial responsibility for them. (I'm very happy!)
5.) We can watch them grow up while they protect our home from mice. (hee-hee)
Seriously, it was an answered prayer. We actually did pray and thank God for finding them a home.
Now I am even more grateful that they belong to Rhonda. This morning there was cat puke on our front porch! We just have to train them to stay over there now!

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Amy said...

Wow, you almost had a pet or two! Also, sounds like you are making good friends in Tennessee. I am glad. Talk soon. Amy