Saturday, July 21, 2007

Franklin's Football Birthday Party

Franklin celebrates turning NINE with a FOOTBALL BIRTHDAY PARTY!
This year Franklin wanted to celebrate his birthday with a Football themed party. Although we were celebrating with a friends a little late, it did not spoil the fun.
On July 7, sixteen boys filled our backyard for an afternoon of football and fun! One thing is for sure, a game of "duck-duck-goose" is not a nine year old boy's idea of FUN! However, Coach Beebe (aka Dad) indoctrinated the boys with some "conditioning" exercises...

Butterfly stretches - ouch! Glad they are limber!

Sit-Ups with "team counting"

Ugh! Eli has had enough!
Weston perseveres! And nine...and ten...and eleven...
Coach Beebe demonstrates a diamond handed push-up. Correct form is needed! Franklin follows well!
Running with HAPPY FEET!

Pulling out your hamstrings! Getting ready for the BIG GAME!

The boys had a BALL - literally - playing a game of football in the field behind our house! I have no idea which team won, but if you asked any of the kids I am sure they could tell you!

After the BIG GAME, Franklin and the boys came in for a homemade birthday cookie and snacks! Then Franklin was blessed with lots of fun gift to open!

The five three year-olds, played with me while the older boys played football. We did play "duck-duck-goose" and these boys LOVED IT!

The GRAND FINALE of the party was the Obstacle Course! It went around our house and had several jumps, and agility ladder, a push-up station, and lots of running! They boys were so competitive!
Big John put all of the younger boys to shame and represented the adults well! He completed the course in less than fourteen seconds! It was a day FULL OF FUN and LAUGHTER! After the party was over, Franklin enjoyed playing with his new toys. He received some water guns, and called me to my bedroom window to read the note he had sprayed on the driveway! Oh, how I love the simple gifts from a child's heart! What a precious way for Franklin to say "thanks" for the party! That's my nine year old! That's my Franklin!

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