Saturday, January 28, 2012

And the Survey Says...


I'm copying this post from my friend, Mitzi, who is serving in Zambia with her family.  She asked for help before she packed, and we'd like to do the same.  

Soo... if you have ever wanted to express yourself... now's the time to do it! We are beginning to think about the packing stage, which has brought forth quite a few questions. So... this is my survey! If you read this, I need you to help! Just leave your comments answering any or all of my questions.

1. What are the top 3 items you would take to Africa?

2. What are the best children's books you would take?

3. What are the top three kitchen tools you would take to Africa?

4. What music would you download? Favorite Worship Songs? Best all around music?

5. What Podcasts do you listen to?  Sermons?

6. Favorite games - all ages?

7.)  What would teenagers like to have in a foreign country?


Thanks for your input!!


TheBowlingFamily said...

Kitchen Stuff...Mixer, Grain Mill, chopper :)
Podcasts...we listen to David Platt's podcasts.
Worship music...Jesus Culture, IHOP, Freddie Rodriguez
Games our boys love....Blink, sorry, trouble, checkers. We also love Bananagrams.

The Last Crusade said...

1: Traveler's Diarrhea Med, back pack, ponytail holders.

2: Scruffy the Tugboat, Good Night Moon,

3: Knife, can opener, potato peeler.

4: Michael Jackson, Casting Crowns, Newsboys & Mama Esther (my Ghana kids' favorite).

5: Jessie Duplantis

6: Candlyland, Life, Uno

7: Nintendo, laptop

8: babywipes & qtips. ALWAYS keep the babywipes with you!

Caroline Bustamante said...

1. (besides clothes and stuff) Camera, Bible, laptop
2. Goodnight Gorilla, the nativity story, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
3. Muffin pan, spatula, frying pan, BIG soup pot
4. All the worship music, Pop, and Christian rock possible
5. I don't listen to any, John Piper is supposed to be good
6. apples to apples, clue, sorry
7. Nail polish, soccer balls, maybe CDs?
8. Backpack, lip balm, hats

Caroline Bustamante said...

8 again: Hand sanitizer!