Thursday, March 17, 2011

Needing Prayer

My sincerest apologies for my lack of communication on our blog. The internet here is extremely slow so pictures will have to wait until we are home, but I'm going to copy some of the e-mails we have sent so you will know what has been happening here! So much!! Oh, we praise God!


We have awoken this morning needing prayer. Godwin Derrick has a very high fever, shallow breathing, etc... Lenusia suspects malaria. I have given him the medicine available here by suppository, but wonder if this could affect us coming into the states if he is ill. Please pray. Our flight leaves tomorrow. HIs fever needs to break. Dorinda is home as well today with malaria. The Lord was gracious to allow us to be stay with a doctor!

Braden also has several blisters coming up on his arms and legs. Mason is having an infection begin as well. We suspect a staff infection which he is particularly prone towards.

I am here with Godwin Derrick today, but Reid and the boys left several hours ago to go to the deprived school with John, Marvin, Dominique, and a few others. Please pray for God to keep them safe as well. They are visiting the most deprived area yet. This village is extremely impoverished -more than anywhere we have been on this trip. I expect they will arrive home late this evening after traveling bumpy roads for hours. :-)

Our Internet is sporatic, so my communication will be as well. We are all fine and rest in the truth that "nothing can twart the plans of God." All things are in his sovereign plan, but we do need prayer right now. The Lord has been so faithful and we know we will overcome this minor adversity. May the Lord's presence be evident to you all. We are so grateful for you all!

Hope to see you all soon.

P.S. This illness has actually been a blessing. Godwin Derrick has been held in my arms most of the day. He fell asleep on me this afternoon and rested well. The medication seems to be kicking in as his spirits seem better. We don't expect any delays coming home. We are praying there are none.


Kendra said...

Praying for you sister!! I know what it feels like to just want to come home and be with your kids. I hope the sickness passes quickly. God will not waiver--His arms are wrapped around your family.

Kristie said...