Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 12-13 in Ghana

Thank you for covering us in prayer. We are grateful and can feel your prayers for us.

Our boys are engaging more quickly with people. Their comfort level is rising here. Praise God! None of the older boys have ever seemed uncomfortable, but they have not been relaxed. That is changing. We can count the number of light skinned people we have seen here on two hands. It's a different world for them.

Today at Godwin Derrick's orphanage, he was unsettled which required Reid or myself to be holding him. I think he was fearful we would leave him. although we assured him over and over, I realized we have yet to earn his trust. Whenever we gave attention to another child, Godwin Derrick said, "Go!" to the other children. Please pray he will feel safe and secure with us. Tomorrow we head back to CKO, then travel to settle in at Tema, then Reid will be preaching at a church service. We don't know where, and he just found out tonight that this is planned so please pray for his message. May he only speak the words God gives him.

Tonight as I was using my electric toothbrush to brush my teeth, I thought about the people here who use a stick to clean their teeth. There is so much to process and take in!

Reid has prayed for every place we have visited: the village, the orphanage, etc... Please pray for Ghana to be a City on a Hill whose light cannot be hidden. The region we visited yesterday was more muslim. We have seen many mosques as well. Please pray for the light of Jesus to shine!

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