Monday, January 18, 2010

The Voice of Old Friends

Recently I've received some incredible blessings. Hearing from old friends is a blessing I tend to take forgranted. Frankly, I do not realize how precious it is until it comes.

This evening I had a lengthy conversation with Ansley's son, Colby. (Ansley is my friend who passed away in 2006 and this blog actually began as a place for me to record some memories of her.) Although I pray for Colby and his family frequently, it's rare that we speak on the phone. Tonight the phone rang, and it was Colby calling from HP. After conversing with Mason for nearly an hour, it was finally my turn. What a JOY to hear Colby's nearly 13 year old voice turning deeper yet with his innocent giggle still present.

He shared about his family, school, girlfriends (yes, he did) and what he's up to in life. We laughed about funny things we remembered, like the time he threw up all over our table while doing his math, or the time Franklin decided to use spray paint on Colby's carpet and his wall in his room (I wasn't sure my friendship with Ansley would survive, but it did!),

We laughed and my heart melted to hear him. I miss him and his sister greatly. They each carry a piece of Ansley with them. My heart still misses her and the friendship we shared. It was truly a JOY to have some time with him on the phone. I cherish it.

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