Monday, January 18, 2010

Hands-On Human Body Class

This year I am once again teaching at a local homeschool co-op. Two of the classes I teach are Hands-On Human Body. One is an older class (4th-6th) and one is a younger class (K-3). Here are a few photos from one class last semester. In the picture above, JT has drawn his hand while we learned about our phalanges, carpals, and metacarpals.
My older class with their play dough brain models. Weston is in front of me with the blue shirt and the BIG smile! We've nick-named him "Smiley."

My younger class with their brain models. Braden is beside me looking cross-eyed at his model. This class made their brain stems a bit too large, so the model looked more like another part of the human anatomy! Oh my!

JR and DD proudly display their brains - cerebellum, cerebrum, brain stem, and pituitary gland.

My shower cap brain demonstrated the different lobes of the brain! The kids loved it and we were all fascinated by this amazing organ!

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