Thursday, June 21, 2007


Sorry for my hiatus from blogging. There doesn't seem to be the time now that the boys are home. And...I have a lot to write about. Enough guilt...on with the BLOG.

Carol's message from Saturday morning has resonated with me this week. Here are my thoughts...

Can a tree grow and flourish
Without the rain it needs?
Could it even start to break
Out of the tiny seed?

Could a tree grow in darkness
Without light from the sun?
Would it's leaves start budding
Or would there just be none?

For, the tree can only flourish
When tended by it's Maker's care.
If not cared for with sun and water
The branches would remain bare.

The stature of the tree
Reflects the roots under the earth,
For that is where the seed
Originates the birth.

The storms must also come
For the roots to grow down deep,
The wind will beat against it
And the root's hold must keep.

The roots can not grow deeper
Without the rain and thunder,
It is the storm that causes them
To reach deep down under.

What grows above the soil
Reflects what we can not see,
For where the tree is rooted
Determines what it will be.

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